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The Annual Christmas Light Pilgrimage

Updated on December 9, 2014
Union Station in Denver, Colorado
Union Station in Denver, Colorado

Sugarplum dreams inspired by Christmas lights and decorations.

One evening, each Christmas season, my family would bundle up in our warmest winter clothing and climb into the family station wagon. This ritual always took place just before the sun began its winter descent behind the snow-covered Rocky Mountains.

The drive from the northern suburb of Denver, into the city’s center near the State Capitol Building, took about an hour; finding a parking space took just about as long. A parking spot secured; we piled out of the wagon and started our walk toward the Capitol Building.

The glow of colors seen in the crisp night sky heightened our eagerness to see the festive lights and Christmas decorations.

There was always a line of people to walk past the highly decorated and beautifully lit building. Oo’s and awes were heard throughout the crowd as they passed. It was fun to find the newest item added to the decorations from last year. There was always a theme incorporated with animated decorations and music.

After passing by the Capitol Building, we made our way back to the station wagon and started on the rest of our journey. Father would drive through the most affluent neighborhoods in the city as we stared at the beautifully lit and decorated homes.

We slowly made our way north winding through the neighborhoods looking at lights and decorations.

Once home, Mother made us all a cup of hot cocoa, that we drank as slowly as possible, knowing that when the cup was empty, it would be time for bed. After our cocoa, we washed up, slipped into our flannel pajamas and snuggled into our beds. Sleep came swiftly as did sugarplum dreams inspired by Christmas lights and decorations.

Downtown Denver - 16th Street Mall
Downtown Denver - 16th Street Mall


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