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The BEST list of Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Updated on November 17, 2012
  • Practical: electronic toothbrushes, air fresheners, travel size toiletries, phone covers and protectors, office stuff (cool paper clips), reusable grocery bag, gift certificates, shoe insoles, SD card, combo lock, batteries, postage stamps
  • Anyone: tickets to a event, luggage tags, pedometer, reading lamp, book mark/thread, pens, lighter, plant seed packets, mini liquor, tea bags, headphones, cork screw, bottle opener, wine glass charms, magnets, ornaments, magazine with subscription, guitar tabs, key chain, Via coffee packets, water flavoring packets, cozies, wine stopper, cookie cutters, mini jam/honey bottles, mini flashlight, key covers, personalized address labels, page markers, bag clips, carabineer, ceiling fan pulls, fun post-its or note pads, cocktail mix, coffee flavorings, special sauces, jewelry, scratch off lottery tickets, cocoa packets, small picture frame, small candle, Silver Dollar (or other special coin or bill), desk calendar
  • Geared for Guys: cigars, fishing lures, fake fishing bait, golf tees, golf balls, pocket knife, money clip, wallet, tie clip, cuff links, rolled up tie, nice after shave, playing cards, beef jerkey
  • Geared for Ladies: purse holder, jewelry, nail polish, emery board, hair stuff, candle, lip balm, make up, blank note cards, cute cupcake liners, heel savors, slippers for purse, ring holder, pocket mirror
  • Kids: stickers, crayons, bouncy balls, flash cards, fake tattoos, matchbox cars, finger puppets, play dough, cool straws, ceiling star stickers, night light, fun pencil sharpener, fun erasers, watercolors, animal or action figurines, fruit snack pouches, juice box, orange, apple, rolled up paperback book, pez dispenser/candy


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    • faythef profile image

      Faythe F. 5 years ago from USA

      This should come in handy for my usually last minute rush for stocking stuffers....