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The Best Christmas Gift Anyone Can Give Children

Updated on April 8, 2015

The best Christmas Gift anyone can give this and every Christmas is to donate a toy to a needy cause. We are all so busy planning our Christmas that we tend to forget about those less fortunate than we are.

There are poverty-stricken areas all over the world and children who have never had the privilege of receiving a Christmas gift.

The children that touch my heart are those that are living in shelters as a result of domestic violence or child abuse. They are the innocent victims of our sick society and we can make a difference to them.

We may not be able to give them the homes and love that they so desperately need but we can donate a toy so that they too can experience Christmas.


These children have had their childhood brutally taken away from them through no fault of their own. We can make them feel like a child again, even if it is just for a brief moment.

They ask nothing and expect less but they deserve everything we have to offer them. Find it in your heart to donate a gift to these poor abused children that have suffered more in their short lives than anybody should ever have to suffer.

I went in search of a non-profit organization that are hosting a Christmas drive and came up with the following:

Who are the people driving this Christmas Toy Donation

Dreamcatchers For Abused Children are a Michigan based world-wide Non-profit 501 (c)3 Child abuse organization dedicated to child abuse and neglect awareness and prevention. This organization was originated when the CEO and Founder, Sandra walked in on her step-father sexually molesting her 5 year old daughter. She later discovered that this had been happening for the past three years since her daughter was two years old. In hindsight she felt she should have been able to detect the warning signs - which she had not.

Sandra has now made it her mission to educate the public on child abuse in an attempt to prevent as many similar cases in future. The organization's mission is to educate the public on child abuse signs and symptoms, statistics, intervention, reporting and prevention. They also aim to assist victims and survivors of abuse in locating the proper resources to achieve full recovery.

Amber Child Safety's mission is to assist law enforcement and the communities they serve in the recovery of abducted and missing children by providing high speed, cost effective communication tools. Their top priority is the safe recovery of missing and abducted children with the aid of the Amber Missing Child Safety Systemâ„¢. This system collects information about your child's physical appearance as well as other important information that could assist in recovering children in the unfortunate event of them being abducted or kidnapped.

Their goal is to collect all the information that would be required to conduct a complete and thorough investigation into missing or abducted child cases and thereby save precious time should the need ever arise.

What Christmas Gift to Buy

Obviously it really does not matter what type of toy you wish to donate as the field is wide open. The "Tis the Season" campaign is looking for toys for children between 0 and 18 years of age. There is no minimum value of the gift and the only stipulation is that the gift must be unwrapped. This is obviously so that they can assess which toy would best suit a particular age group or gender.

There are pick up points scattered throughout the States and the contact numbers are displayed on the advertisement.

Let us show these children that Hubpages cares and let us show them that America cares for the broken children of the United States of America.

Hasbro Baby Alive

Suggested Christmas Gift For Girls Aged 3 -5 Years

After some consideration I decided that a doll would probably be welcomed by many of the little girl's. I found a perfect little doll, not too expensive and ideal for little girls in the 3 to 5 year age group.

This cute little doll has a soft body and legs and plastic hands and head. She arrives dressed in permanent underclothes( so they can't go missing)
By pressing her tummy the doll reacts by cooing and giggling. This should delight a little girl - a doll that actually re-acts to your touch. Included in the purchase is a 5-in-1 plastic doll carrier with a printed fabric cover. The doll fits snugly into the carrier which is fitted with velcro straps to secure the doll in place.

The carrier can be folded to form a purse, cradle, carrier, snugli, and chair. A baby bottle completes the set.

The doll is battery operated and the only down-side to this doll is that it does not have a switch to turn off the sound. This would mean the batteries would need to be removed if the child sleeps with the doll.

If You Are Still Not Convinced - Watch This Video


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