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The Best Christmas Present for People You Love

Updated on November 28, 2009

Light Up Anywhere ... Anytime

Electronic cigarettes are a high tech method to quit smoking cigarettes. Finally, you can get back to living life as it was meant to be. Stop coughing, wheezing, and constant battles with shortness of breath or sinus infections. Enjoy better circulation, sleep better, and smell better!

If you're a smoker, you have lots of company, like 40 million other people in the United States alone. Despite that large number, smokers are probably the most discriminated against group of people ever. Laws have become so restrictive that cigarette smokers have very little legal space left where they can satisfy their craving. What can they do?

The government (of the people) talks out of both sides of its mouth on the issue. On one hand, the government at all levels wants you to keep buying those expensive cigarettes because of the billions of dollars in tax revenues they reap from it. On the other hand, they pass laws that prohibit smoking in all public places. What kind of hypocrisy is this?

Smoking is a drug habit. Nicotine is the drug in cigarettes and it's every bit as addictive as heroin! It's the strongest of the 4,000 additives Big Tobacco puts in their products to make sure you don't easily walk away from your habit. many have tried...

Kicking the smoking habit is one of the most difficult things a human being can undergo. I speak from experience. I smoked for 40 years, and enjoyed every minute of it. Then I decided to quit, cold turkey. No patches, no nicotine gum, no nothing. I just decided to quit, and started that very day; one hour at a time. Hours became a whole day. One day became a week. A week became three months, then a year, and now it's been 16 years since I've lighted a cigarette.

It took about 5 years to get the nicotine craving completely out of my system. Yes, the craving remains long after you quit. Not nearly as intense as when you smoke, but it's there. And it's the main reason quitters have relapses and go back to smoking. Not the only reason, though. Any type of crisis, large or small, can provide a big enough excuse to start again. Hanging out with other smokers will almost certainly do it, sooner or later.

Resuming a drug habit that feels so good is easy, or it used to be. Now, the cost of cigarettes has, thanks to government taxation, skyrocketed to the point where they are almost unaffordable. It's probably the primary reason why people quit...they simply can no longer afford the habit.

None of this is news. If you are a smoker, standing around outside of a building, in the cold winter weather, taking deep drags as fast as you can handle it, feeling conspicuous and very uncomfortable, you know very well how hard it is to quit. And you likely beat yourself up every day for being unable to do it.

Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs) ... you can do this

There is no easy way to quit, but the invention of the electronic cigarette has made it possible to reduce the cost of smoking by at least half (for most smokers, but not all). Electronic cigarettes also eliminate the tars and other carcinogens found in real cigarettes. What's left is the nicotine, and not much else. Nicotine has has to be there, or people would never buy them.

The nicotine hit is like most other (illegal) drug hits ... it satisfies a craving. The good news with e-cigs is, you can buy varying strengths of Nicotine. It ranges from zero all the way up to 50 mg (available but not a popular strength. It's too strong for most smokers). The most popular strengths seem to be 6 to 12 mg, with 16 mg typically the high end.

Yes, it is certainly possible to quit smoking using the electronic cigarette as the tool. In fact, it may be the ideal way to go about quitting. The e-cig gives the smoker something to do with their hands (having something in the hand is a very important part of the smoking experience), it provides the satisfying inhaling and exhaling of 'smoke.'

It's actually a flavored water vapor that has no 'secondary smoke' downside to it at all, but it looks for all the world like real cigarette smoke, and it provides the user the option of gradually weaning one's self off of nicotine by continually ordering cartridge refills containing smaller and smaller amounts of the drug.

What's PG?

The only major active chemical in the vapor is Propylene Glycol, an FDA approved additive that is used in a list of products ranging from food coloring to anti-freeze (and, yes, in real cigarettes, too). Ignore the fear mongers who stress the 'anti-freeze' usage. They conveniently forget to mention that it's used in cigarettes now, and probably has been since they were invented. It's a harmless chemical in this application, and it's used primarily to enhance the vaporizing process so that users get the “feel” of real smoke (which it isn't) when inhaling and exhaling. In fact, we've been consuming it in a wide variety of food products for generations.


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