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The Best UFC Dvd's For Christmas

Updated on June 12, 2011

As a huge fight fan there is one gift that always appears on my Christmas list and that is a ufc DVD,i now have an impressive collection of ufc DVDs and have compiled a list below of what i think would make the best ones to receive as a gift this Christmas.Obviously there have been some tediously dull ufc's since i started watching 5 years ago mostly the ones that have been overseas in Europe (Namely the UK GRRRR!!!) so i shall simply emit those from the list,what i will include are the best ufc DVDs where there was action on the card from the main event all the way down to the under-card fights.You may well also be surprised at just how cheap some of the ufc DVDs can be,so why not buy a couple.

UFC 100

UFC 100 was the flagship event for the ufc it happened on the 11th July 2009 in Las Vegas and had not just one but two championship fights on the card as well as a host of celebrities not only appearing but in the case of one playboy model also being a ring girl.It holds the record for the most pay per views and had the welterweight and heavyweight titles on the line,The event was stacked with good fights from top to bottom and didn't disappoint,also squaring off were the coaches of TUF which were the American Dan Henderson and the Brit Michael Bisping,the two were fighting to see who would be a contender in the middleweight division.A great night of fights and an unmissable DVD to have in your collection

UFC 121 Lesnar vs Velasquez

Well this was an event that people had been waiting for for quite some time,the heavyweight battle of the year was in town and nobody was going to miss the huge Brock Lesnar put his title on the line against the undefeated wrecking machine Cain Velasquez,also on the card was teacher against student as Matt Hamill took on his former teacher Tito Ortiz and Strikeforce standout and champ Jake Shields makes his debut in the ufc.What a fight card and what a night of fights.

UFC 79 Nemesis

This is going back about 3 years now but what a fight card,the main event featured a welterweight battle between the current ww champ Georges St Pierre and the Greatest welterweight of the old era Matt Hughes,also on the card was a toe to toe stand up war between two of the light heavyweights greatest fighters,Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva,that one you do not want to miss if you haven't already seen it.Not to mention a card also featuring another ex light heavyweight champ Lyoto Machida facing off against dangerous LHW Rameau Sokoudjou.Worth a watch this card believe me,great stocking filler.

UFC 66

Back when the ufc had the old school keeping the title belts warm this was the infamous battle between former friends turned bitter rivals Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz,it was there second fight as Liddell had beaten Ortiz already and he badly wanted revenge,if you haven't seen this fight already this is the fight that made me sit up and take notice of mma,also featuring former LHW champ Forrest Griffin and The Brit star Michael Bisping.

UFC 68

In the main event of this ufc was the returning Randy Couture against the giant Tim Sylvia,Couture had been retired for around 10 ufc's and felt that the heavyweight division was lacking in talent despite its huge champion so he felt it necessary to come out of retirement and prove himself,few could of predicted what happened next and you will have to buy the dvd to find out,Also on the card are superstars Rich Franklin and Matt Hughes,great card of fights for all you fans out there.

UFC 92

This was a superb event with great fights from top to bottom of the card,the main event was a LHW title fight between Rashad Evans and The champ at the time Forrest Griffin,Not only that but an epic battle of sworn enemies Rampage Jackson and Wanderlei Silva,also on the card were two of the best heavyweights around Frank Mir vs Antonio Nogueira,this was a truly wonderful event which i really enjoyed and im sure you will too.


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