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The Best gift you can buy in $20 for this holiday season

Updated on January 5, 2012

The Best gift you can buy in $20 for this holiday season

This is the holiday season and what can be the better way to celebrate this then to gift your loved ones a memorable gift.Here I present you some of the gift you can get within $20.So don't be shy and surprise them.

  • Spiderpodium stand ($13) - This is a phone or gadget accessory which has eight legs, you can hook your gadget or smartphone to it while you running on a treadmill, or inside car, bike or in front of you while watching tv.At the time you are working on desk you can keep it in front of you and can view your message or tweets instantly.Its eight arms can be adjusted the way you like, so you can wrap your phone around spiderpodium to protect its screen.

  • SPI(Small Adjustable item - $19.95) - belt can carry all your personal item like money,credit card,keys or any electronic items.This belt does not bounce or shift while jogging or any other activities.It can fit for waist size 24"-40".It can be gifted for both gents and women.

  • Horrified B-Movie Victim play set($17.95) - They look like victims of terror.Each dramatic play set are almost 3" tall and look likes terrified by zombie.You can keep it on your table or showcase.They may be dressed in bowling shirts or armed with guns.These horrified will be surely liked by both kids and younger ones.

  • The Original Christmas classic($17.09) - It includes 2 discs which contains your 7 holiday favorites holiday namely Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,Santa Claus is Comin to Town,Frosty the Snowman,Frosty Returns,Mr. Magoos Christmas Carol,The Little Drummer Boy, and Cricket on the Hearth.I like the christmas song in it.It the best gift at this price.

  • Simon Flash($19.84) - It is a high tech game based on famous simon memory game.It has 4 games which will test your memory and logic skills.The link technology lets you know when the cubes were moved shuffled.Both kids and families can spend hours playing on it.You can choose 4 games to have make cube all aligned in a right way then the lights will be off.It requires 8 AAA batteries which is included with the set.

  • Penfolds Red Wine ($14) - This is a special red wine for someone special.It will cost $14 and 15% of profit from this company will go to global fund.Must buy If you want to gift you a woman.

  • Angry Birds ($8.46) - Angry bird is No#1 app downloaded all over world.You can squeeze it from top to bottom to hear its original voice.It is very soft and will be useful for 1+ years.Gifting it will give chance to your dear ones to hold it in their arms, the top loved apps.

  • The 50 Funniest American Writers ($16.87) - This book is extremely funny.This is truly a gift for your friend whom you want to cheer or refresh.

  • Mixed Messages Mug ($14.99) - It is special coffee mug with do it yourself letter you can paste on it.It comes with lots of letters like tear from magazines and newspapers.Just create your own quote and make it special.It is washable and also you can change text easily if you get bored with it.

  • Mad├ęcasse Chocolate ($5.99) - And at last but not the least here is a special one and will be loved by women.It rite from cocoa of Africa with many different flavors.It comes in bars,samplers and large sets.

    So what are you waiting this holiday season.Surprise your love ones with a gift and make that relationship more stronger.


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    • maxravi profile image

      Ravi Singh 6 years ago from India

      Thanks for your comment Nicole.I gifted SPI belt once to my sister.

    • Nicole S profile image

      Nicole S Hanson 6 years ago from Minnesota

      Neat hub! I like that SPI belt, I would definitely use that when working out. I've heard the Simon Flash game is fun as well but i've never played it. Well done!