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The Christmas Carol in other words

Updated on December 16, 2015
RJ Schwartz profile image

Holiday celebrations come in all forms - some original and others "borrowed" from pagan religions of the past

Tis an hour deep into the nighttime when the sounds first reveal themselves

Northern winds howl and whistle across the open landscape, swirling playfully to and fro

Effortlessly they fly across the ground, whipping up the dust of the new fallen powder

Tiny flakes of snow float effortlessly on their backs, joyously moving, like they hold a secret

All together they dance with delight and one can almost hear their cherubic laughter

The night sky is dark, nary a star shining tonight, only the smiling face of the moon above

Houses too, dark and silent, only fence posts and barren trees casting long misshapen shadows

Blue would be the color one might choose to describe the wintry setting laid out before them

The solitude of this frosty night brings about an indescribable peace and tranquil calmness

A stillness that only comes but a single day each winter but stays with us for all of the year

This eve, in homes and places near and far, did people both good and gracious gather together

Fires burned in hearths and stockings were hung on mantles in preparation for the time

Hearts, aglow with the spirit of the day gave warmth and heat to those around them

Many a table was piled high with pastries, sweet meats and treats for the little ones

Laughter and joy abound, the children did frolic and play around the Christmas tree

Outside the snow falls, covering the earth with a fresh clean blanket of pure white

Tonight, everything will be put in order and those which really matter will make it known

Carefully crafted melodies ring forth from the very corners of the room, vibrant and alive

Songs of the season are sung and the children drink in their words and smile at the world

Aye, the spirit of this night has not been lost on the good folk who share in its beauty

The evening goes on for what seems a fortnight, when at last the time for sleep arrives

Excitement brimming over in the minds of the little ones leaves them hardly near any rest

Alas, for they must close their eyes and drift off into the land of dreams before night’s end

Tiny pixies, dressed in suits of red and green linger in the midst of their nighttime dreams

Elves bubbling over with joy run playfully close to their beds, whispering in their ears

Voices sweet like sugar fill their tiny heads with delightful songs reserved only for children

When at last the fairies have wooed them into the deepest of sleeps does mother arrive.

She stops and stares at the glow arising from their smiling faces, even though they sleep

Only she can truly understand what goes on inside their heads, for she has been there herself

Nature has her own way of visiting those she knows, for they are the reason she continues

Dreams come, sweet and full of softness and warmth, like a favorite blanket nestled by your face

Those tender minds are washed clean of any ill thought and wrapped in the joys of the world

Across the land, adults smile, they remember the days when they too went to bed all aglow

The anticipation of the next day more than they could handle, yet somehow found a way

The day that comes but once a year, but brings memories and magic along for the ride

Mothers and Fathers take time with one another, remembering years past and those yet to come

A quiet moment together, one worth more than anyone could try to place on it

A splinter of time reserved just for the two of them where no words need be spoken

Love permeates the home, like the swirling winds on the lawn, it spirals around the rooms

A toast to the season does little justice to the sheer magic of the time they will share this night

The hour grows late and too must they give themselves over to the nighttime and to sleep

Silently tiptoe into the rooms of the children, a final chance to see that sleeping smile

Blankets are straightened and hair smoothed away from their tiny sleeping faces

Smiles contagious as parents look on to those who will be the future of this holiday

One looks at the other and together they share a thought that no other might entertain

At last, as hard as it is, they break from the gazing and set forth to prepare for the dawn

Candles are snuffed and the last of the embers are spread carefully across the fire grate

Mother and Father themselves prepare to enter the gentle land of slumber

A moment’s embrace and a goodnight kiss before their heads touch to the linens

Sleep comes rapidly for they have spent time of late in the eve preparing for the day

To sleep, to enter the peaceful world of dreams on this night is a lasting and wonderful thing

Night envelops the house and those spry winds which have been known to play are awake

Tis but for a moment, a split second in time when the vision of the mind becomes clear

On this most glorious of evenings, this night when nothing could go wrong does he appear

For if one were awake, they would get just a glimpse, a tiny movement in the shadows

Those eyes would behold the sight of the jolliest of elves, the one they call Santa Claus

Like the wind over the yard, he flies in and lands, sleigh all adorned with bells and garland

Creatures of myths and magic present themselves at the forefront of this magical contraption

Poised and powerful, they stand graceful and polite, pausing for only a moment

He disembarks with the speed of light and all in a flash, down the chimney he goes

In the blink of an eye he spies the stockings and the tree and his sack become light

The toys and gifts appear like they were always there, each carefully placed in their spot

A taste of fresh baked cookies and a sip of milk send him on his merry way

A wink and a smile cause red cheeks to shine and in a moment he is gone up the stack

The night again becomes silent and the moon continues to smile down on the land

The magic has been left and for a few hours more, those within the house will sleep

Until Christmas morning, when at last the time of waiting has come to an end

Pleasant dreams little ones, may all of your wishes come true tonight

Merry Christmas

The Pictures are in my house - I love to decorate for the holidays, and often find myself inspired to write. This might remind you of a familiar classic, but it has a life all of it's own. Thanks for Reading and please comment at will !!!


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