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The Christmas Madness

Updated on December 13, 2010

It's Christmas time again year folks. All through the malls, the department stores and even outside the homes, people are going crazy into the Christmas madness time of fun. With the economy this year, I've noticed most people have complained about the cost of living, to making ends meet to get by. With thoughts of Christmas Madness in the air, I know too many people are having tough times getting by to make other families happy to little ones thrilled with the joys of smiles on Christmas day. The Christmas Spirit this year has seemed to deemed the approach with the economy of people struggling to make ends meet from paycheck to paycheck. Most I know barely hit the stores on Black Friday this year, which was pretty sad to say the least.

I still see the stores, the malls and department stores filled with people shopping and looking around. Unfortunately I don't see the craziness going around as it was per say, last year, when everything would go on sale and all of us would rush to the store to purchase the items on sale to get it under that tree before Christmas. It's occurred to me that most people I know or have talked to don't have the pennies to purchase what they want this year, and penny pitching is happening this with the roles of the economy this December. Though sales are trying to go lower and lower, I don't see my family and friends rushing to the stores to get the sales they want, because there is no money. They barely can keep the roof over their heads, food on the table, and their cars in the driveway right now.  Have we lost that TRUE meaning of what Christmas is?

Christmas to me is not about rushing to the stores, to grab the greatest sale on the shelf rack and bringing it home to a family member. No, it's birth of Jesus as we all know, or his Birthday actually. Most of us tend to forget that, and though in some cultures we celebrate his birth differently, the true meaning of this Christmas Madness has turned into something what we once as children thought of as a great day, now has turned into something more of a chore or a job. I tend to not think of Christmas as a Chore or a job, or even that sense of rushing into the department stores for the BEST sales on the floors for my family members these days. No, I remember growing up and having a great feast with the gathering of my family, from Uncles, to Aunts, to cousins and having a great time. These days, it's tended to still have them, but on rare times due to my extended families having other parties. 

I miss being a child, and not being a grown up where Christmas has lost it's touch of the spirit. Christmas is not about rushing to the stores, or who's got the better christmas lights than your next door neighbors. It's the true meaning of the spirit, coming together with family, friends and enjoying those precious times that we cherish the most.  Gifts are nice, but it's the thought that counts in the end. Something I learned as i was growing up. For me, I don't deal with rushing to the department stores. But I have watched people browsing around and looking, and the lines at the stores are not as long as they were last year. Though it's close to the Holiday itself, lets not forget what the true meaning of what the Holiday is again.


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