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The Do-It Yourself, Affordable Christmas Party Kit

Updated on September 13, 2018
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Before we know it, Christmas will be upon us, and we all know the drill. Going through the bitter winter weather bearing the crowds and traffic to buy gifts for loved ones, but soon we realize that the best gifts have already been purchased. How sad.

At least we have something to fall back on: Christmas get-together’s with families and friends and those illustrious Christmas Parties that somehow break records in watching one man see how many drinks that he can drink without breathing. Or some lady taking a challenge from some rival girl to see how many cocktail smokies that she can eat in one minute.

Ahhh . . .good times.

Old fashoned Chistmas party.
Old fashoned Chistmas party. | Source

And What About Those

care-free anxious moments prior to the Christmas Holiday Season with each party having its own special aroma—baked cookies, fruit cake, and how about those delicious perfectly-baked and basted turkeys? Yum. I am so hungry right now that I could eat my screen.

But, dear friends of the Christmas Holiday Party Season, did you stop and calculate just how much money that you are going to have to fork-out to just get to celebrate with your family and friends? I would tell you, but you might be sick. $967.13 per person, if you are still strong enough to carry on.

But Smile and Cheer up

because you have only one choice to make “this” year in 2018 when the Christmas Party Season begins. Only one. I can live with that brand of simplicity.

The choice that I am talking about is this one: if you are of good courage and bravery, you can just say no to those Christmas Party folk that you have grown to love throughout the years, and do like I am going to do: throw my wife and myself, grandkids and their dad, something that I designed called . . .The Do-It Yourself, Affordable Christmas Party Kit!

That’s right! When your former party friends are maxing-out their credit cards to afford Christmas gifts, food and parties, you will be sitting near a warm fireplace and enjoying The Best Christmas party that you have ever had. I promise.

What am I Talking About?

you say? I am going to share a few examples of my very own Do-It Yourself, Affordable Christmas Party Kit, and when you read each example, you will be able to figure out How Less you can spend this Christmas Party season and still smile when it is over.

The Parched Peanut Challenge – is made for family and friends. You can purchase a 50-pound bag of raw peanuts (available at most fruit stands) and parch yourself about 20 pounds of these delicious products then you and your guests sit in a circle with an empty coffee can at your feet. The object of this lively game is to see just how many shelled peanuts you can get in your coffee can. The winners will go to round two until there is one winner. I bet you are just itching to play.

Aqua Man is Alive – when you and your friends are ready for some Christmas Party fun. Depending on the guests, everyone is to lay down on your back and then your wife or husband will gently sit a cup of water on your stomach—but you will be instructed to hold your breath so you will not make a fool of yourself causing the cup of water wet you. This one is cut-out for loads of fun.

Candle Races – are bound to be a Christmas party hit. The simplicity of this game is what makes your family and friends want to keep playing it long after the night is over. All you have to do is ask for four volunteers who are going to race against each other with a lighted candle in their mouths with the flame on the outside in the air. The object of this game is to see how many of the racers can walk briskly across the room and make it across the finish line before their flame goes out. You will be amazed at just how much fun this game will be.

Dynamite Defusing Game – can be, with a little patience, turn into a holiday hit. Simply place about ten or so pairs of shoes that have shoelaces and tie each pair of shoelaces to the other and so on. But the contestants in this game will be participating in total darkness. To make the game more exciting, play scary music and you do the announcing as the players fumble to get four pair of shoes untied. You might say that the entrants are deep within a coal mine with no candle. This game costs little of nothing, but oh what fun.

The Pigeon Follies – is fun and yet, very educational because your youngsters can play this game. All you have to do is lay in the floor on your back and have someone pour generous amounts of birdseed onto your stomach and chest area. Then release around 40 hungry pigeons and see who can stand the birds’ pecking and walking on your body without moving. The person who remains stationary wins.

I Dare You Game – and I saved this one for last. After you and your guests have dined, draw numbers that correspond to each guest. The one with the low number is made to stand (or sit) while you place delicious graham cracker pie with whipped cream all over the person being dared. Then that person is taken to a busy part of town and told to go up to a group of Christmas shoppers, keep a straight face, and get them to sing a Christmas carol. If they do not break-up or get arrested, they win.

Note: these games are safe and should be played without the presence of alcohol. Not that I am a prude, it’s just at this time, the Christmas Holidays time, alcohol is being over-credited for causing more trouble to people who before drinking too much, would just enjoy the season and help to make those memorable memories.

September 13, 2018______________________________________

Christmas December decorations--guess how much these beauties cost?
Christmas December decorations--guess how much these beauties cost? | Source

© 2018 Kenneth Avery


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