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The Funniest Halloween Costumes

Updated on September 25, 2010
Funniest halloween costumes, patriciaegreen,
Funniest halloween costumes, patriciaegreen,

Who said that Halloween needs to be the scariest night of the year? Why not add a touch of humor and dress up in the most hilarious costumes of all? Bring a smile to a child's face or leave a giggling crowd behind as you walk up the road dressed up in the funniest costume. If you are really into granting laughs as you walk by, try to enroll in a Halloween costume contest. Who knows, you may even win first prize, or at least, leave Halloween night behind with a trail of laughs and giggles behind. 

Funny Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2010

In order to be funny your costume must provide that special element of surprise. Your costume must be quite original and unusual. Pride yourself in creating the costume yourself, or shop around for an already made costume that you think not many people are going to be likely to wear. Pride yourself for being humorous and allowing a nice touch of fun to the most crowded Halloween parties. 

• Inflatable Sumo Costume

What makes this costume funny is the fact that Sumo fighters look already funny on their own, An inflatable version of this costume is available so to ensure you reach gigantic proportions!  The costume basically consists of a nylon jumpsuit that inflates thanks to a fan. Once inflated,  expect your sheer size and strength to grab lots of attention!

• Bacon and Egg Costume

If you are planning to go out as a pair, what better combo than a bacon and egg costume? Expect plenty of jokes as you and your buddy walk by the crowds By Zoogster Costumes, the bacon and egg costume comes into two lightweight, one-piece costumes Once you have decided you cannot go wrong with this costume, make sure to decide well in advance if you will be the strip of bacon or the egg. 

• Nasty Flasher Costume

If you are heading to an adult party expect the biggest laughs. This costume will add some ''shock effect'' to guests and will certainly gain the most attention. If you are bold enough to wear it, consider that the costume consists of a trench coat that once popped open unveils a flesh-colored jumpsuit  The main attraction feature however will consist of an impressively large ''member''. This costume will surely be hard to forget!

Whoopie Cushion Costume

This costume makes grants an hysterical giggle from all those accustomed to a whoopie cushion. To make the costume more hysterical add a real whoopie cushion or a fart whistle to allow dramatic noises to accompany your entrance to the party. Laughs will be granted and your costume will be surely never be forgotten!

• Boy to Girl Costumes

When men attempt to dress up as girls, the results are often hilarious. Just seeing a manly face with fake over-sized breasts is sufficient enough to have people giggle their heads off. Dress up as a girl on your own by inflating your breast size with pillows or purchase an already made girl costume, like Anita Waxin's Lifeguard Costume. Unveil the lady look in you for one night and have fun!

As seen, there are many options to choose from when it comes to dressing up funny this Halloween. The choice is yours, however keep in consideration that often the best, most original costumes are those made on your own. This will grant that nobody will be dressed the same and will add value to your costume.


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    • ftclick profile image


      8 years ago

      love the dog costume and the dog, a surely the welsh corgi breed.


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