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The Gerber Grow Up Life Insurance Plan for Children and Its Advantage

Updated on August 29, 2014

The Gerber Grow Up Life Insurance Plan for Children and Its Advantage

The Gerber Grow Up Life Insurance Plan for Children and Its Advantage. The Gerber Grow Up Plan Life Insurance Plan -- is a whole life insurance policy for children.

In the world we have today where there is no certainty, specially in terms of economic situation, life insurance is advisable. Most parents worry about their children as they want to give them the best of life in every facet -- financial, emotional and physical assurance. Come to think of it, parents need not worry anymore about their children's future, specially if they are assured that they can have something to back them up when they grow up and will be needing the money to have a secured future. Financial security is a privilege these days so for parents out there, if we can have some money to spare now, it is really advisable to secure a life insurance for our children. It is one of best gifts we can give our children.

Why not, isn't it, the thing with life insurance policy is that it brings some kind of assurance to the parents mind about their children future, and you can never underestimate the effect of that to a parent. The Gerber Grow Up Life Insurance Plan for Children and Its Advantage is a hub to help those who are parents, parents to be and those who like to give a child a financially secured life.

The Gerber Grow Up Life Insurance Plan for Children and Its Advantage

Before we proceed to the advantage of the Gerber grow Up Life Insurance Plan let us see two kinds of Child's life insurances which are term life and whole life policy.Gerber Grow Up Plan is a whole life plan insurance policy where your child have the option to continue it beyond 18 years of age. It is differentiated with a term life plan in which you pay specific amount for a duration of time and if anything happens to a child before then, you receive the full policy amount.

There are specific factors we need to consider when we are applying for the life insurance policy for our children, age of the child, amount of money you have and how much you are willing to shell out aside from your current expenses. Gerber Grow Up Plan is not expensive -- one which you can easily easily afford.

Gerber Grow Up Plan is an example of a whole life insurance for your child in which the follwing are the terms :

Amount of whole life policy from $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $25,000, $35,000 or $50,000 whole life policy.


The Gerber Grow Up Life Insurance Plan for Children and Its Advantage

The Gerber "Grow Up" Insurance Plan is a whole life insurance policy for children 14 days old to 14 years old with very useful benefits which they can used when the time comes.In fact, grandparents aunts or those who would like to give it as a gift can avail of it for the chil.

I read a pamphlet about the Gerber Grow Up Insurance Plan some years back and it is very useful and promising. When the policy matures, your child can be secured for their education when they need the money for it

  • It is easy to apply -- you can apply online -- Gerber Grow Up Plan-- all you need to do is supply your state and address plus, child's age, child gender and get a free quote
  • you can apply without medical evaluation
  • The premium don't increase at all -- it is the same the first time you pay your premium
  • The benefit is said to double when the child is 18 years old, if you are insured for ten thousand, when the child turns 18 the amount automatically doubles.
  • There is an option to buy more coverage as an adult

The Gerber Life Plan specifically stated that "after 25 years, the cash value is equal to or greater than 100% of premiums paid".



Choosing to insure your children is a plan for both parents and it is advisable to insure them as early as possible because it is cheaper that way. it is also a way to secure their financial future and gives you peace of mind. Gerber Grow Up Plan is one of the examples of an easy and affordable way to get whole life insurance for your child. I hope this hub -- The Gerber Grow Up Life Insurance Plan for Children and Its Advantage, helps you. Thank you.


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    • a2z50 profile image


      9 years ago

      Hi Maita,

      Great work on this Hub ! Thank you for all the good information . you always do such great research. And life experiences also help.

      Have you heard about the baby food diet . Read about it recently . Might not be the thing to do to loose weight. But this made me think of that topic .

      Great Hub !

      Thank you Again !


      As Always Also rprcarz50


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