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The Gifts He Really Wants

Updated on January 12, 2012

Have you seen that look on his face before? Were he tries to fake that smile because this wasn’t the gift he expected or wanted. I’m sure he loved the thought but you know he wanted a different present. I think the hardest thing to do is buy gifts for guys, especially younger guys. When Christmas time comes I constantly stress about what to get my fiancé, I try to think all year about this. Guys are very strange creatures and I will never understand them! And they think women are confusing! So whether you have a tight budget or have money to blow, you will find this list very helpful. I have thought very long and hard about this gift list, and what I know many guys would enjoy owning. Keep reading for ideas on guy gifts!

These gifts will be good for you if your on a budget:

For the readers: Get a subscription to a magazine they love! They will love the idea and will definitely get a lot of use out of it. Magazine subscriptions are always a great not just for guys but for anyone!

For the gamers: I know video games can be pricey, but if you don’t get him anything else and just the game you will really be saving money. Video games are really what every guy wants. I always like to give my guy some games I know he will love; I end up playing with him a lot of the time. (I suggest getting a second controller for you!) Popular games right now are Modern Warfare 3 and Gears of War 3! Every guy will enjoy these I know for a fact!

For the music dudes: Get him a few C.Ds or maybe even some concert tickets, they probably won’t be the best seats but they will have fun! ITunes gift cards are also a good gift, they can get their favorite songs and music videos. Ear buds are great too; many guys love to collect the cool different styles.

For the sporty boys: I would suggest a couple shirts with his favorite team on them. It’s a good gift and he will enjoy having something showing off what he supports! A shirt or hoodie would be a great gift for this fellow.

A little bit pricier gift options:

For the readers: Get him a kindle or Nook! He will love the gift and will definitely get some use out of it. If he is more into movies and magazines, get him the kindle fire. If he’s just an average reader get him the Kindle Keyboard or Nook Touch. You may also want to include a gift card so they can actually get a few things put on their new gift.

For the gamers: I suggest a Xbox 360 or an Xbox Kinect. I figured out that most guys seem to want the Xbox, I don’t really know why they just prefer it over other gaming consoles. This is what I gave my fiancé for our 2nd Christmas and he loved it! Get him this and you are golden, he will love the gift and love you even more!

For the music dudes: If this guy is really into music I suggest a new MP3 or a new IPod. It’s a great gift and they will love having a new IPod. You could include a new case and a gift card to ITunes; they will drool all over it! Concert Tickets to his favorite band are also a must; you could try your hardest and get some front row seats! This could be something he could do with his friends or even go with you, whatever you pick they will adore you forever.

For the Sporty Boys: If you have a big sport fan then get him those tickets to a game, football, basketball, baseball, whatever one he wants! Tickets to games can be cheap or expensive so this could be for someone who is on a budget or not. Pick his favorite team and see what time there in town he will go nuts for this present.

Whatever gift you decide I’m sure he will love it since its coming from you. Have fun deciding what to get him, hopefully this list will help you out and concur those fears around birthday time. I know you will find him something and he will love it. Thanks so much for reading!


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