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Green Lantern Halloween Costume

Updated on September 3, 2011

In this 2011 Green Lantern made it first debut on the cinema and I think this film has made Green Lantern Costume become one of the popular superhero costumes for them that are looking for Superhero costumes idea. Particularly for they who're searching for Superhero Costumes, from year to year they mostly come up with these famous superhero costume such as Superman, Batman and Spiderman. So if you're searching for Superhero Costume because you are boring with the Superhero I mention above perhaps you'd like to start thinking about this Green Lantern Costume for your halloween party.

Green Lantern Costume

By the way, it was not Green Lantern the only superhero movie released this year, there are two much more Superheroes that brought into the movie, such as Captain America :The first Avenger and Thor. All this three superhero costume is great and they are popular as well, and I'm not trying to campare about the movie story, I found Green Lantern Costume is really nice in the film, but I'm not saying Captain America costume and Thor costume isn't nice. But maybe since the Green Lantern Costume features a shinny green colour costume, it truly get my attention.

So if you're agree with me, that this Costume can make a Cool Halloween Costume. Then maybe you want to spend a go to towards the link that I give right here.

Hope you enjoy this year Halloween.



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