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The Lego Haunted House is Really Worth It!

Updated on October 13, 2014

The Lego Haunted House

The Lego Haunted House consists of 3 various parts including six mini figures, a gate and the massive mansion.

Also known as the 10228 Haunted House by Lego, this set is for the set called Monster Fighters released on the first of September in 2012. This set includes two thousand sixty-four pieces, which makes it the largest set of this theme. Children aged fourteen and up can play with this set. Contained in the set are mini figures which include the zombie butler, two ghosts, Vampyre’s bride, zombie chef and Lord Vampyre. Exclusive to the set are the zombie butler and the zombie chef.

Fifteenth Largest Lego Set

This set is the fifteenth largest set of Lego of all time. In this set, you will like a lot of things. Not only will you love the amazing house architecture, you will also love the design. As a matter of fact, on every side of the house, there is incredible detail, from the house’s brick to brick pieces to the front steps having small cheese slopes. In the design, every detail is sharp and precise. Mostly, this house is composed of pieces that are sand green or gray in color which looks great. The pieces that are brick yellow are created to look as if the paint has worn out. What is not to love about this plaything?

Not Your Traditional Lego Set

This set features not only ghosts that glow in the dark but a Frankenstein butler, a zombie chef and vampire figures. This set is not your traditional set by Lego, since it is made to look like it is in a state of not having been repaired including broken shutters, a crumbling foundation and cracked windows. The fact that it has two thousand sixty four pieces will mean tons of preoccupied time for your little one.

Astounding Detail

There is astounding detail on this set, including the ship printed on the bottle that sits on top of the fireplace. The furniture is created to have real crown molding and spun legs and there is even a real needle built into the phonograph player. In the kitchen, the stove opens and closes and the doors of the wardrobe can be opened as well. There are stickers on some windows that look like spider webs and cracks. There are also many barred windows that have become barred with wood grain and nails. The set, once you are finished completely building it, will give you an astounding impression of an old, dilapidated mansion that has worn fixtures and exposed bricks.

Lego Fans Love This Set

If you are already a fan of Lego, this is a great set you will be sure to love. On the other hand, if you are a first-timer, you will still love this set. Particularly around the time of Halloween, the Lego Set will be sure to be a hit with your friends. You can even invite some over to help build the Haunted House in time for the actual date of Halloween.

The Lego Haunted House Box

The Haunted House box by Lego has a flap and tab that opens quite easily. You will need to use each of the pieces once you open the bag they happen to be in, since none of the bags can be resealed. It also sometimes pops open once you open it the wrong way.

Spooky Characters

There are six mini figurines in this set including a zombie chef, a Frankenstein butler, a vampire bride, a vampire and 2 ghosts. You get a great spooky touch as you watch the heads of the vampires and ghosts glow in the dark. Just like the rest of the set, the figures are quite detailed and on either side of the bodies, there are printed decorations. There are even leg details on the vampire figurine. Don’t expect any skeletons, however, particularly if you already have the other Lego sets like the Castle, Pirates and Adventurers sets by Lego, which did have them.

Fifteen Inches in Height

The Lego Haunted House set is about fifteen inches high, although the box it comes in is much bigger than that. This is why you might get the preconceived notion that the box would be the height of the house, when in fact, the house is not as big as the box. The fact is that the house is two feet high and eighteen inches in length and is quite wonderful in its composition, with the sense of detail and convincing style of the Victorian era. There are six rooms within the house and it also opens up the way a dollhouse does. Included in the rooms are a large attic with a ladder that works, an office, a bedroom and a kitchen.

Take Some Time Off

Once you decide to get you and the kids a Haunted House Lego set, be prepared to set aside about three buildings or more to get the house built. It is not complicated, and is actually very organized since each piece comes in a bag with numbers and divided into sections of the building based on the numbers. At first glance, once you check everything included in the box, it may at first seem daunting. The important thing to remember is not to become overwhelmed by the huge enormity of this particular Lego set. Instead, take things one step at a time and make sure you read the manual twice if not more to make sure you get all the colors on the appropriate building. Keep in mind that there is a ton of detail in building some of the extremely detailed furniture, the loose floorboards and broken cobblestones.

Hard to Find

This Haunted House by Lego is the largest in the set of the Monsters Fighters series. The line of characters is based off old horror movies with a lot of sets based on swamp monsters, mad scientists and vampires. In the series, this is the largest set and also one of the hardest to find since it is not usually sold in actual brick and mortar stores aside from just the Lego Stores. Actually, the set has been out for a while but remains to be one great collectible item that gains value for years to come.

Makes a Great Gift

Celebrate Halloween in a style that is nothing less than spooky with this Halloween Haunted House set by Lego. Decorate this scary scene and add pumpkins, spider webs and bats. Create a gorgeous table centerpiece this spooky season and your friends will truly love how hairy scary this all is. As a matter of fact, the moment you acquire this Haunted House by Lego, you can start preparing for Halloween as early as September when the ghosts included start glowing in the dark. There are bricks that make up all three stories and the characters are all from the original line of Monster Fighters by Lego. As a matter of fact, the characters strongly resemble The Munsters, some say. Get your hands on this set by Lego as soon as you can to begin building in time for Halloween this season.

Enter the Gate

Essentially, the gate is made of 2 joined-together sections which are symmetrical. Each is built on a two-by-ten brick which has a light grey color. There are 2 raised pillars on each of the features. The one on the inside is longer than the exterior one and is composed of a high stack of five bricks which measure one by one. On 3 of these bricks, clips are molded and one on the pillar’s top features brick moulding that actually looks real. There are 2 bricks with clips facing towards the exterior and the same amount facing the interior. The bricks facing outwards have attached black gate pieces into them and the two attached pieces to the 2 halves form a full gate together. The brick clip on the section facing inwards has attached into a barred, separate gate piece covering the base brick length until the 2nd pillar has been reached, into which this attaches. In itself, pillar number two is made simply of 3 separate pieces, a 1x2 with a clip design and a warped 1x2 de3sign as well as a sloped element on the back. You will need bag number five to build this part of the set.

The Crooked House

This haunted house by Lego is crooked and is the home of ‘scary monsters and ghosts.’ Open the gate and tremble in fear as you gasp at the fireplace horror or get on the porch. Also scary is the music room, potion room, bedroom, folding staircase, office and kitchen. Watch the collection of the creepiest objects within the home. Do you dare enter? That is a question only you can answer. Your monster fighter collection can be added to your 1st official Haunted Lego House. Included in the set are the butler, the zombie chef, vampyre’s bride, vampire, and two glow in the dark ghost mini figures. Also featured by this house is the ‘crooked’ unique design that features a working front gate and windows that have been boarded up. The interior within is detailed with three different floors which opens. You can customize this house with new stickers for curtains, spider webs and wall hangings. This haunted house measures nineteen centimeters deep, twenty four centimeters wide and thirty nine centimeters high. Featured on the top floor are Lego newspaper elements, records and a gramophone. Featured on the first floor are a fireplace that has a mantle display of a ship in a bottle and an actual swinging open fireplace. With the zombie chef, cook up a ghoulish meal in the kitchen complete with an old style table, jars and stove. In the haunted office of the Vampyre, you can write letters. Within the chimney there is a hidden lever that releases a staircase that drops down as well as top floor access.

Haunted Town

New owners who have just received the Lego Haunted House could not be happier. As a matter of fact, there are many cases in which folks have already created a Haunted town to celebrate Halloween, without the Haunted House of Lego having come out yet. For these people, the newest Lego haunted edition is more than welcome. There are other Lego displays or themes that the Haunted House can also fit in perfectly with. Essentially, since it is a Victorian rundown mansion, it is still about a similar size as the building modular. Thus, it can be utilized in displays of the town as either customized or a rundown home to look like it is kept well. At the same time, this house is presented as an old, creepy manor so have a look at the haunted house by Lego to see if you want to create this wonderful addition to your current Lego collection. This is particularly true if you happen to be looking for a new Lego collection that takes a few hours to build. It takes about three and four hours to build, depending on how adept you are at building sets of Lego. If you are looking for something to occupy this amount of time, this Haunted House is actually perfect. The best part is that it will truly be amazing to see the finished product. You will be building an extremely detailed exterior and a solid build. This mansion looks extremely realistic and it resembles a model more closely than a Lego set. In other words, the first time you see the built product and didn’t immediately realize that it was Lego, you would think it was a different model altogether. On display, this set by Lego looks extremely impressive and quite brilliant. The inside of the house even swings open on a couple of hinges to display the insides of both halves. When closed, the house looks like a solid, single piece. You first get a hint that this was not your ordinary house from the eerie looking shutters. Really, sets such as this one truly prove that it is really the littlest details really make all the difference in the world.


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    • askformore lm profile image

      askformore lm 3 years ago

      This summer we were at LEGO, Billund with my boys. I didn't know the haunted house come "in a box". This will be a great gift for Christmas.

      Thank you (and thumbs up) for your hub.