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Pumpkin Patch, Road Trip to the Farm, Mayflower, Arkansas, Frugal Vacation

Updated on September 29, 2014
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Lori has traveled Arkansas from the backwoods to the Capitol. She knows the confusion of multiple road names and designations. Frugal travel

October 22, 2012. Updated September 19, 2014

A Road Trip to Local Pumpkin Patch

To make a short story longer, let me share with readers how I got the opportunity to visit a local farm, and take many photos of pumpkins, gourds, and other odd squash items.

My daughter and I decided to check out a Corn Maze, and Pumpkin Patch that was advertised locally in Mayflower, Arkansas.

Our road trip, was not too complicated as far as being able to find the place, because there are large pumpkin faces lining Hwy89N, announcing that Schaefer & Collins farm had pumpkins, and a giant pumpkin patch to get them out of.

Because of the unique shapes, colors and contrasts of the different gourds, pumpkins, and squash, we have used these photos to play a game. Taking a road trip is like a game too.

Pumpkin Patch Farm

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Pumpin Patch,  Farm, Mayflower, AR
Pumpin Patch,  Farm, Mayflower, AR
Pumpin Patch, Farm, Mayflower, AR | Source

Play a What-do-you-see? Pumpkin Game

Do you ever remember laying on the ground, pointing at clouds as they traversed across the sky. Did you and friends or siblings make a game out of it, yelling out the names of the shapes you could see in the atmosphere?

After printing off large photos of the bins of oddly shaped pumpkins, gourds and squash, we made a game out of it. We borrowed from our old childhood game of finding shapes in the sky, with an old game that is out of print; Picture, Picture.

Have you ever played the game "Picture Picture".?

It is a game, where a photo is put in front of the group of players, the photographs would be filled with items to choose from.

The timer is set for 3 minutes, while players fill out items from A - Z. The 3 minutes were deadly still and quiet, the only sound is pencils scratching across the paper. Keep in mind that if someone else comes up with the same word as another, it is a wash, and must be marked out.

The real wildness of the game happened when the time was up, the sand was at the bottom, and then it started! Players shout out their answers, legislate for their answers, or newly formed word, it was a loud and raucous time of yelling out found items.

Enjoy the photos of the Schaefer & Collins pumpkin patch, maybe you can make a game out of the photos, or perhaps you can feel the the sun shinning down, and the gentle breeze blowing the wind through your hair, as you tour the pumpkin patch we visited in October 2012

Do You See It?

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I seeI see I seeI seeI see
I see
I see | Source
I see
I see | Source
I see
I see | Source
I see
I see | Source
I see
I see | Source

On the day we took the road trip to Schaefer & Collins Farm

On the day we took our road trip out on Hwy 89N, due west of Mayflower, Arkansas. The day was beautiful, it started out cooler, but by the time we arrived, the shinning sun warmed it up for us all.

The signeage is cute and well crafted. We did not take the Hay Ride, nor did we take a chance on the Corn Maze, but we visited under the area where pumpkins, and gourds had already been picked, and brought to where volunteers were cashing out those who made purchases.

We checked out what was all ready for adoption, but decided to forage in the large pumpkin patch, and see if we could find our own unique pumpkin, and / or gourd to take home.

It got warm enough that bees were awakened, and searching for energy to make it back into their hives.

Yellow buses, children, teachers, farm hands, and parents lined the parking lot as we arrived. Each student had been allowed to choose a pumpkin. No child was left behind without a gourd or pumpkin.

This filled us with good feelings, and made us even happier that we visited Schafer & Collins farm, and supported our local farmers.

Schaefer & Collins Invited the Local Elementry Schools

How nice, every student got to pick their own pumpkin to take home
How nice, every student got to pick their own pumpkin to take home | Source

The Great Pumpkin Patch

© 2012 Lori J Latimer


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