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The Top Five Best Selling Music Christmas Album Downloads 2011-at a Snippet of the Price

Updated on December 6, 2011

Looking for the MOST Popular Christmas Music MP3 Downloads to Get you in the Christmas Party Spirit?

Would you like to listen to the most popular merry music this yuletide festival season for your happy Christmas holiday spirit & party?

I've put together this wealth of popular top rated festive music information, so you know what's out there, where to get it & for how much, & you can even have a listen free to samples of the music, before you buy & download onto your computer. I have incorporated a few links that you may want to check out from, these are blue within this article, but all of these festive music albums, & more, are available at Amazon.

By Dale Ovenstone December 2011.

Please enjoy.

Music Downloads at a fraction of the price, most under $5, no matter where you are in the great wide world, much cheaper than in the high street stores supermarkets & shopping chains, you can purchase on the internet & own these amazing albums, download each instantly directly onto your computer or mac, then burn the songs onto a disc which you can easily play in your home or in the car!

Listening to your most popular Christmas Songs are much cheaper because of the internet, & more importantly, you get your music instantly, being available for you to download in Mp3 formats, this way, you can burn your music downloads straight onto disc from your own computer, for your very Christmas listening pleasure, or, to take your albums to the parties on family & friends festive Yuletide events.

Here is the countdown list of the bestselling albums within the most popular category of Christmas songs of old & new. Starting at number five first:

Drum rolls please:

Watch you don't spill your vodka!

Number five is:

Wait for it.....

A Charlie Brown Christmas [Expanded Edition] Featuring 15 songs of joy & pleasure, bringing back memories of old! A Charlie Brown Christmas [Expanded]...

Did you like that?

& number four is: The Muppets, featuring thirty tracks to get you going in the party mood! The Muppets

Album download number three is:Mylo Xyloto by Coldplay! Featuring fourteen tracks that you know you’ll just love & if you are not already a fan, I’m sure you’ll agree that once listened to, you may be converted! Mylo Xyloto.

Getting nearer to the best selling music album on Amazon downloads let’s now take a dabble at the number two best selling album download mp3 this Christmas time on Amazon:

Yes, Christmas, by the one & only Michael Buble, singing beautifully, 16 of the most popular Christmas songs of all time (ps, got to be worth a listen, I did, & his music sounded quite sweet really lol) Christmas

And now, last but not least, or should I say first? At last, the moment you've all been waiting for……..

Now we're getting warmer, in fact, boiling. More drum rolls please, pull on your fingerless gloves & pull up your scarf, get out your Christmas tree & wrap them there presents & gifts to your loved ones, wipe the glistening off Rudolph’s nose & give him a little vegetable stew, thaw out your winter crackers & roast your nuts by the open fire, because now, for free, you can sample the tunes from this Number One Best Selling Amazon Album Christmas Music Download MP3 titled……

Here it comes.........

100 Classic Christmas Songs-Various Artists!

It’s a belter. No human being in his right mind (except Scrooge) should be without this awesome festive spirited number 1 ear tingling soul melting best selling thought provoking Christmas enhancing musical download covering a massive, one hundred songs of Christmas past full of memories! A great gift.

Let me say that again "a MASSIVE 100 SONGS" from the festive season. If you wish to get into the musical Christmas Spirit right now I suggest you click onto the blue link for free sample listening's, obviously, letting your imagination bring you to this very time of year, looking back if possible, to ONLY the brighter side of life. Forget your future just for a moment, relax, reminisce only good times & hear the songs in the link below turning your memories into sweet experiences, you had the pleasure of living back then: 100 Classic Christmas Songs

Well there we have it, whether your in the mood or not, I hope you enjoyed learning about your top 5 rated best selling Christmas download mp3 songs & albums for 2011? Let us all imagine inspiration to come in 2012.

Happy holidays, wishing love & joy the future could bring. Remembering to rise higher than all, negative thoughts, & the not so good influences, from others, even though it may be difficult at times, finding new ways to focus into something brighter, to your imagined positive outlooks for your future, that will bring you the most happiness in your life, with such force, & power from your own thoughts so strong, because there IS another way & we, got the tools & we got to be bold, take directions & discover it.

Regards Dale Ovenstone December 2011


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