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The Worst Christmas Gift for Toddlers

Updated on November 29, 2009

Innocent baby animals

Do you want to give a toddler a gift that is colorful, interesting and educational? Of course, you want them to enjoy the gift, but sometimes, it seems people absentmindedly choose gifts that can disrupt or disagree with the parent's wishes?

Unfortunately, some people seem to set out to sabotage guidelines that are given by parents. Often times, the worst offenders are grandparents! Perhaps they are wanting to give a gift that they could not afford when they were raising their own children. Maybe they want their grandchild to think they are the absolutely best grandparents. Or, they might choose to ignore or disrespect the wishes of their grandchild's parents.

Whatever the reasons for giving a toddler a Christmas gift, the results might not be productive or positive; however, they just might be cruel!

The worst gift to give to toddler is an animal.

Never give a kitten or puppy to a toddler without getting the parent's approval. Young children cannot be held responsible for the animal's training, feeding or caring. Perhaps the parent's working schedules do not allow the necessary time that is needed for lively puppies or kittens. Maybe they live in an apartment that does not allow animals.

Animals, just as people, need attention and exercise. If the lifestyle of the recipient cannot provide a loving, safe, and nurturing living area, the animal can suffer. Animals can be hurt by children through rough treatment or abusive actions. Animals can suffer emotional trauma and face cruel punishment from the adults, too.

If an animal if left alone for many hours each day, and must pee or poo, what choice do they have other than to go in the house. When the family gets home from a long and tiring day, most likely they will be angry when they are greeted with the smell of urine or piles of poop. And, who will suffer the consequences? The one that was left alone, trapped in a cage or room, and no one there to take them out.

The parents are upset, the toddler doesn't understand, and the animal is mistreated. Through no choice of its own, the animal was plunked down in an environment where it was not wanted. It cannot understand why only yesterday, everyone was cooing and giving it so much attention, and today it was left alone and now is being yelled at, hit, or worse.

Never give an animal as a surprise gift to a toddler without considering what the animal will be facing. Discuss your intentions with the toddler's parents, find out if they really want a puppy or kitten added to their family. Consider their living arrangements. Do they have adequate space for a kitten or puppy? Do they want the added responsibility of an animal? Will the animal be taken care of?

Gifts are more than the excitement through a child's eyes. A living gift, with a beating heart, cannot be set upon a shelf. They are living creatures with feelings and needs. The best intentions can result in animal cruelty and neglect.


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    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 

      9 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      You're absolutely right.


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