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The lonliest day of the year?

Updated on February 14, 2013

Keep going

It's hard not to be lonely tonight. It's valentines day. All day I've seen pictures on facebook of chocolates and roses. Sweet posts about how everybody loves their significant other. It's hard not to be lonely.

I've never really had a valentine. When I was in 9th grade I had a date on valentines day, and I'll never forget that night, because it snowed. It was a great day. That's been probably the only truly enjoyable valentines day I've ever had.

It's great that people celebrate each other. It's just hard for those of us who have no one to celebrate or celebrate with.

Holidays are hard in general when your single with no family, it's even harder when it's a holiday dedicated to those in love.

Everyone likes to say the cliches.

"You'll find them when you least expect it"

"When your not looking, that's when you will find them"

"there is somebody for everybody"

"Someday, if it's meant to be, they will come"

Well I'm tired of the cliche's. Sorry, but I am.

Just tell someone you love them and you'll pray that God sends them a good Husband/Wife. Don't give them/Us a bunch of meaningless mumbo jumbo hopeless romantic junk. That's not what I need to hear. I need to heart that God has my life in his hands and that He will send me a good husband. I need to hear that There truly is a thing called real love that's not plagued by the super models in the movies Male and Female. I need to hear that there are 30 something year old men that aren't obsessed with video games and Dallas cowboy Cheerleaders.

Ok, now that's out of my system.

I will wait. I will pray. I will trust God. For all of those who are lonely this valentines day I leave you with the words of a song by Bette Midler.

"When the night, has been too lonely,
and the road, has been too long,
you might think, that love is only,
for the lucky, and the strong,
Just remember, in the winter,
Far beneath, the bitter snow,
Lies a seed, that with the suns love,
In the spring, Becomes the rose"

God bless


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