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Things You Can Get Next Christmas

Updated on May 8, 2011
You Know Tiger?
You Know Tiger?

My Christmas List 2010

Didn't get the gift you wanted this year? Fear not. Here is a list of things you can ask Santa for next year.

1 Tiger Woods' Girls. He's not going to be using them anymore. They all threw him under the bus. Even if they stay with him, you could get his wife. She's going to leave him. Either way you'll be hooking up with money.

2 Zhu Zhu hamsters. Sure the mad rush was this year. Next year there will be plenty of them. Don't bother with next year's hot toy. Just stay a year behind and you'll be fine.

3 Any political office if you are Republican. Pick an office. Chances are your Democratic opponent will not win. We already know you need not be qualified. Just look what we have running the country now.

4 Jay Leno's time slot on TV. This isn't guaranteed, but if his ratings keep slipping, you might get lucky. Start brainstorming for an idea now.

5 Regift this years gift. Come on now, I know you got agift you can't stand. So give yourself a gift next year and regift it. Just don't send it my way.

6 Your very own sex tape. It was popular in 2009. People I never heard of or cared about became famous because of a sex tape. Leak out your own and enjoy your 15 minutes of fame. Hint: Use it to gain Jay Leno's spot.

7 Number one draft pick. If you are a St Louis ram fan, you might get your wish.Send in your request. You might get your wish.

8 Your own TV show. Marry Kate from Kate Plus Eight. Granted she needs a divorce first, but it's possible.

9 Free Health care. Oh it's going to pass in some form.Just accept it.

10 Money through Adsense. You've got all year to work on it. Work hard and you can buy lots of Christmas gits next year.

Those are my suggestions. As the year moves along, I'm sure more will pop up. You have any suggestions? Please let me know.


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      Itswritten 8 years ago from Detroit, Michigan

      I was just thinkiing about Things I Can Get Next Christmas