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Things to Do to Level Up Halloween

Updated on June 14, 2021
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Just wanted to add more twist for for events to make it more enjoyable.

Making Halloween a lot better

It's October 31, time to get those creepy masks and makeup to get ready for trick or treating. The thing is, these are not the only things to do on this event of course. Halloween isn't merely a costume event or just for kids. It's more fun if you celebrate it by being between spooky and wacky, and be able to do fun activities with your friends or loved ones. This may be the way to bring out the creativity of an individual. Make the most out of this event by stepping it up. Here are some ways you can do it.

1.) Make your house interior (or a part of it) look like a haunted house

Designing the exterior of the house to make it look like a haunted house is too mainstream. Kids will be surprised when they happen to pass by your spooky looking house to get their treats and you've opened your door and they'll see a scary nun (if you're dressed up like one) having cute dogs roaming around. Step it up by making them feel like they've been welcomed to enter a realm they weren't supposed to discover. Modifying the look of the living room will do, not necessarily the whole interior since it's the part people see first upon opening the door. I'm not stopping you if you want to do it on the whole interior though. Just be ready to dismantle lots of decor afterwards. Also, if you're hospitable enough, invite the kids inside and give them a little spooky trip. You could pull off mild jumpscares. Just be sure to give them their well deserved treats for entering!

If there won't be kids to trick or treat, it's alright. Because the house is set for pictorial. Take pictures of your getup with the interior being your spooky background. No green screens and backgrounds needed. Full authenticity indeed. I suggest that you nail this one if you really want to step it up. This will be the setup for everything that will follow, like holding a Halloween party.


2.) Make cool (but with halloween twist) costumes

Yes that's right. Aside from making those cool jack-o-lanterns, you could make your own costumes. Buying ready to use costumes are so old school. Also, you aren't getting the proper details. You could step it up by making your own costume for Halloween. The advantages of user-made costumes are it's reusable and its user-defined details. You can put as much 3-dimensional detail as you like rather than buying costumes with just printed details that were supposed to be 3D. Sounds like cosplay doesn't it? You can say it is, but this is where you're going to put your Halloween twist to make yourself unique. Yes this takes time, but if you really wanted to step it up, make time to prepare. Even if you have mediocre details, it's alright as long as you're having fun. You're not a cosplayer and not going to a cosplay event (or are you?). Take inspirations from your favorite horror films and/or games or you could do your own designs. Best materials you may use are cardboard, paper, glue, sandpaper, and coloring materials.


3.) Spooky treats and snacks

Halloween parties and treats are the ones kids and adults (well, there are some right?) are rooting for this halloween. How can you have halloween without these things?

Serve treats and snacks with your own halloween treats. Other than wrapped candies and chocolates to give to the kids and people attending the party, give them treats and snacks that you made with your own halloween twist. My suggestions would be:
• Eyeballs made of jello
• Mozarella sticks shaped like human fingers
• Gummy worms served on powdered chocolates that will look like soil
• Ghost/skull shaped cookies
• Cranberry/Strawberry juice for "blood" drink.

You can now spook your visitors with these terrifyingly sweet and delicious treats/snacks.


4.) Watch some movies with the gang

Halloween can't pass without watching a horror movie or tons of them (if you prefer to spend the Halloween watching horror movie hits). Grab or rent a projector and white screen and watch it in your Halloween themed garage or living room. Get those DVDs ready or stream some from the various streaming websites.

Watch the classics like:
• Nightmare on Elm Street
• Monsterhouse
• Halloween

Or recent hits like:
• It (2017)
• A Quiet Place
• Hereditary

It is better to do this after the partying and trick or treating. You'll be able to spend the night watching these together with your friends and loved ones. What happens after you watched some scary movies? That's right. Clean up and sleep.

Just kidding! Get your scary stories ready of course. It could be your own scary experience (hey, everyone had theirs, right?) or something you just made up. If you really don't have some or can't come up of something, read some non mainstream creepy pastas. It's more fun if each one of you keeps on imagining those scary movies and stories to the point they stay awake until 3am. A sadistic thought, right? I'm just kidding. I'm just making you guys fully enjoy Halloween until it's bedtime.


5.) Go on a road trip and camping

I saved this one for last because this one is optional. If you don't want to celebrate Halloween having kids repeatedly knocking at your door or hosting parties with messy aftermath, this is the choice for you. This is the one I suggest because you can have fun and get spooked. As if being far from home and cities at night and knowing there are no people to help you when there is a killer in the camping area you chose aren't scary enough. Again, I'm just kidding.You may tell each other stories while on the road, or save those stories for the campfire. Get those barbecue, marshmallows, firewood, and tents ready because you are about to go on a place where.... erm.... you're gonna have fun and scare yourselves.


What are you waiting for? It's time for you to make these happen! Good luck.

I hope this article helped you. I know the things I mentioned above are all time consuming, so I suggest you do it days or a week before Halloween. It may be costly, but not if you use recycled materials especially for the decors and costumes. Time will be the most precious element you can invest here if you really want to step it up.

What are you're thoughts? Did I miss out anything? Let me know in the comments. Feel free to add more suggestions on how to step up your Halloween experience.

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