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This the week after Christmas

Updated on December 31, 2009
my family
my family

Here we are just a week after Christmas, all my bills are paid and food in the refrig. My credit cards are full from last years joy and the toys are all broken in a heap.

This year has brought us a different kind of joy, with all the cooking we did for our friends a simple thanks was a blessing to all. Nothing wears like a smiling face and a stuffed belly after an hour of serious eating and drink. But not to worry I think all that partake in food to much will survive to glutton another day.

All my friends are older now and the hell with all the gifts, just to see these faces another year has been a gift from God in it's self.

Cheer up my friends we have so many holidays left to celebrate this year, with furlow days coming right and left it feels like pre- retirement to me. I know some of you are out of work and not knowing where your next meal is coming from, but don't be discouraged Obama Man has a plan. I feel with in the next year all the misery and discontent will all be gone from eyes view.

Lets keep in mind that the so called elected officials control Washington only and not the hearts and minds and souls of the great people of America.

The new year is upon us once again so drink, have fun and don't drive, stay at your friends house and have breakfast it's much cheaper than a DUI or some other form of multiple fines to celebrate the season. Just keep one thing in mind for the following new year they can't eat you. Your life is very important to a lot of your family and friends so do not be afraid to challenge yourself this year with new ideas and plans for success for the whole family.

I wish every one a happy year and far greater life than past, so kiss your wife and say good night to your kids, smile at your boss and do what ever you want to this year, its yours to live,,see ya Mickey


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