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Three Cheap Gifts That Are Still Awesome

Updated on November 25, 2018
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Alex is an active member of his church, a student of philosophy, and he has visited many holy houses of worship.


Okay; so you want to purchase great gifts, but you're on a budget. That describes a lot of people during this time of year. Trust me; you're far from alone! Whether you need to get Christmas gifts or Hanukkah presents or some similar thing for another purpose; here are three ideas to help you get started!

Interesting Socks


For those of us that do not live in the tropics; we definitely need socks. Even people living in warmer climates will wear socks at times. But, you don't want to just give your loved plain old pair of socks for the holidays. Socks can make a great gift, because they are sold cheap and they are something that we all need. However, I will recommend that you get your loved ones some socks that they will remember!


Fuzzy socks are great for the Winter season in colder climates. Fuzzy socks will keep their wearers nice and warm and cozy. Generally, fuzzy socks are not too expensive and you should be able to find pairs with cute designs on them. In fact, my local Dollar Tree sells striped toe socks which are also fuzzy socks! That brings me to another point; toe socks can also be a great gift. When purchasing any socks as a gift, make sure that there is a cute design on them or that they are uniquely colored. People are more likely to appreciate and remember a gift like that!


You may want to consider buying holiday oriented socks. For example, there are Christmas colored striped knee socks. You may also find it handy to glance at the shoes of those individuals whom you desire to buy socks for. Keep in mind that glancing and staring are two different things; never make your loved ones to feel uncomfortable. Also, if you are unsure of the foot size; buy bigger and not smaller than your expectation. Clothes that are too small cannot be worn. You should also keep in mind that women's and men's foot sizes are different in the United States.


A pair of adorable holiday socks can go for as little as $1. Sometimes this price can be less if you know how to bid well on Ebay.

Stuffed Animals


This is something else that you can get for $1 at a Dollar Tree! Stuffed animals make great gifts, especially for children and the females in your life. Even some men would love to have a cute stuffed animal (do not assume though; make sure you know the person who you are buying for before going this drastic). Recently, I purchased a gift for my niece for Thanksgiving. This present was a fuzzy chimp stuffed animal with velcro on one of his hands. This stuffed ape costed me $1, but that little guy added so much joy to my niece who loved it! Try to note that it is not about the quantity of cost that makes a good gift, but the quality of the present. There are many affordable stuffed animals. Many of these are fuzzy and many have velcro and/or other fun additions. You may want to consider this idea during the season.


I am sure that you can think of a lot of people who would just love a cute and cuddly stuffed animal. Many ladies from all ages in life love stuffed animals. You should be careful though; there are some people who definitely do not enjoy stuffed animals. However, this rule is something you should always note; be mindful of who you are getting a present for.



So it's Yule, the Winter Solstice is upon us, and you still don't know what to get that you can afford. Don't worry! Consider getting your loved ones chocolates (unless you are aware of a medical condition whereby they are not allowed such foods). Chocolates, and other pleasure foods, are often not expensive and they can make almost universal gifts! If the person who you want to purchase a gift for cannot eat chocolates (or, if the person doesn't like chocolate), then there are a lot of delicious and affordable candies to choose from! Please foods make a great gift. Most individuals enjoy pleasure foods, they are often very cheap, and this is a very good idea if you don't have any other ideas! Most people in my family enjoy chocolates and similar goodies!


So, what did you think of my list? Did I leave anything out? Do you think any of my ideas are wrong? What is your favorite holiday gift? What is your favorite holiday? Please let us know in the comments below!

Have you finished your shopping yet this year for the holidays?

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