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Love Coupons: Free Gifts Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Will Thank You For

Updated on June 9, 2013
Done on my computer with the Paint program. They don't have to be fancy, just worthy.
Done on my computer with the Paint program. They don't have to be fancy, just worthy.

If you have no money or have spent all your money on the kids and have found that you have run out of cash for buying your cutie something, give the gift of love coupons. No I don’t mean a coupon for buying one ham and getting the second free. Give the gift of some romantic gestures. There is nothing wrong with giving them intimate and personal wishes that they would like to cash in on as gifts for say, birthdays, holidays like Christmas or just because. And what’s really special is that these little gifts can last throughout the year depending on how many you give or how quickly they are used up. I have done this in the past and was so surprised at the joy that this free gift gave.

It’s simple. Whether you want to go all out and print off little squares that may have decorative borders or if you’re not the creative type you can just cut up a piece of paper into squares and tie the stack of coupons off with a nice bow. Or to really be creative spend the night before placing gift tags with wishes you think they'd enjoy written on the back and hang them in various places for them to pick off one by one. Here’s a few examples:

Cooking Special Dinner Night

Does the hubby or wifey love a certain meal for dinner that is a rarity in the house? Well this coupon can be presented by them for you to make them their favorite meal. So give them a coupon labeled: Make Your Favorite Meal. It’s sure to win you points for cooking it and they’ll be happy for getting a special treat in the process.

Sexual Favors

Many of these coupons can be for certain sexual wants that your partner may like that you only do every now and then. Or perhaps it’s been a while; well when they whip out this coupon you have to please them in the manner that you have indicated for them which can be erotic for the both of you. Knowing that they are ready to do the naughty deed can be a turn on for you as well. You can label this coupon with a specific request that you know that they would like to cash in on. Or you can label it as: Anything Goes as to where you have to grant an array of things. This one can be really fun.

No Nagging

This may be hard for some to make but your mate will appreciate it when the time comes up. When you begin to go on and on about something that is bound to start a senseless argument don’t be surprised if your mate pulls this out on you. And guess what, you have no choice but to shut your nagging trap. This can be a benefit for both of you as well. It ends something ridiculous before it begins; giving you both peace.

Candlelight Night

This doesn’t have to entail anything more than lighting a couple of candles and just cuddling. Put on some soft music and just having quiet time between the two of you. Sometimes we get so involved with work and kids and forget to make the time for each other. But when the time presents itself and your sweetheart remembers that they have this coupon they can pull it out and the two of you can wind down with some candles.

Quiet Time

This is priceless for a mom that wants 30 minutes to herself away from crying kids and turned over spaghetti bowls. Or for the dad that just gets off work and has had a stressful day dealing with the idiots at work. They can just hand you their coupon and it is for you to accept it and give them their needed time. You can even make it up for a specific time to avoid abuse of the time limit. Labeling it: Quiet Time For An Hour (or Two) would be great. Or if you’re really feeling generous give them the afternoon off of handling their normal chores and take over. They will appreciate it and hopefully return the favor.

Movie Night

This is not movies at home with DVD after DVD. This is to actually take him or her out to the movies and take them to see whatever they want to see without any ifs, ands or buts. If they want to see an end of the world flick when you love romantic movies, tough! It’s their night and you have to enjoy it with them. Who knows it may turn you into a fan. And plus, they might like spending time with you and if you always deny them of going to a movie that they like with you, this may be a real treat for them.

Again, these are just a few things to get you started on your coupon making. But these do make good gifts if you have no more funds for gift giving or want to add to the store bought purchases you've made. Remember to give love coupons that they would appreciate. Try your best to not give coupons that only you would appreciate. That would not be fair to them or be a gift, for that matter. Though it doesn’t hurt to make coupons that you may find some enjoyment in as well, make sure that it is the recipient of these coupons that gets majority of the enjoyment. Also, keep in mind that sooner or later whatever coupon you give will be cashed in on and you have to fulfill it. These coupons are a definite benefit for couples. They give you a moment to stop and reconnect with one another.


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