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Tips on Writing Thank You Cards

Updated on December 16, 2011


Writing thank you cards is a way to show your thoughtfulness to a friend or family member for a gift. It may seem like an unnecessary task. However, showing your appreciation for a gift is a warm gesture.

Tip 1

Acknowledge your appreciation by saying thank you if the person is present when you receive the gift. If you receive the gift in the mail, follow up immediately with a phone call so the person knows that you did receive the gift.

Tip 2

Next write the actual thank you card. Depending on the occasion, you may want to use cards that have certain sayings on the front. For example, if you received baby shower gifts, find a cute card that was similar to your theme. For example, if you had a teddy bear theme, then send cards that have a teddy bear on them.

Tip 3

Sometimes cards are already pre printed inside, however, I suggest that you buy cards that are blank inside. This way you can write a personal note. For example, if you are writing wedding thank you cards, then you may want to write something like this:

Dear Bria,

Thank you so much for the food processor. We can not wait to use it to aid in making delicious meals together. Thank you again for sharing in our special day.


´╗┐Shelbi and Justin

This way you acknowledge your friend's presence at the wedding and the gift.

Tip 4

After you have written the card, please send it out in a timely manner. No later than two weeks. If you are receiving gifts before the occasion, there is no reason to wait until after the event takes place. Begin sending the cards out when you receive the gifts. This will cut down time writing thank you cards after the event, especially if it is a wedding.

Extra Information

*Write the thank you card as soon as the gift arrives.

*Keep blank thank you cards available for any occasion. You never know when you will receive a "just because" gift.

*Buy thank you cards on clearance off season for the following year.

*Use an eCard website to email your thank you card if you do not have any thank you cards on hand but follow up with a phone call as well.


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    • musicclout profile image

      musicclout 6 years ago

      I just bought my cards today and was getting ready to write them this weekend - so perfect timing on your hub! Seems like 4 simple but powerful techniques.