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Tips to Dressing the Christmas Tree

Updated on December 6, 2011

I love the holidays, especially the Christmas holidays and everything that surrounds it, from the decorations to the food that we cook and eat. Anything that influences the majority of people to good cheer and happy faces is well worth my time.

Although lots of people treat it as another day to celebrate and have days off, Christmas holds other ideas that are conveyed subtly these days. The story of the baby Jesus is emphasized through the decorations we see and the colors we enjoy.

Yet every day it seems that more and more stuff is being added to enhance what is already a great holiday with lovely decor.

Think of the things that essentially make up a great Christmas celebration and think of how they are linked to the reason for the season.

For instance candy cane the traditional kind, you know with the red and white stripes was originally designed to represent the stripes of Jesus' blood and purity, is over 350 years old. It's shape, the 'hook' represents the shepherd's hook of Christ Jesus, originally bent into shape by the German choirmaster at Cologne Cathedral.

The candy cane was first used to hang on Yule trees or Christmas trees, but they were not red and white until the 19th century. Which has lead to the idea that they were formulated to represent things surrounding Jesus, His blood and His purity, the Holy Trinity, the church's foundation and other secrets.

Finished dressing
Finished dressing | Source
Start bare, empty tree and boxes
Start bare, empty tree and boxes | Source
Work in progress
Work in progress | Source

Dressing tips

All dressing tips start with the shape and size of what needs to be dressed. That applies to your Christmas tree as well.


  1. Size and shape
  2. Artificial or real, i can't say alive because if it no longer has it's root ball it is going to die. If you intend on planting the tree later you must be extra careful.
  3. Set it up in a space that it will enhance and be accessible, making sure to have it's best side facing front
  4. Choose the color scheme
  5. Find your decorations, mixing in a few handmade ornaments gives any tree a personalized feeling

Once you have every thing you need, and the tree is set up in position, go ahead and leave it until the next day. If it is a real pine or a cut one this gives it time to drink the water, settle, and fluff out,

Real or live tree

  1. Set it up in a stand
  2. Add some water
  3. Cover the stand with a tree skirt

Real Christmas trees are awesome. They take a little more work but they add a lot to any household decor. You have to monitor the water in the stand and sweep up pine needles, but the pine fragrance is a great trade off.

Always remember to be alert if you have small children and pets. It is a good idea to make sure safety is paramount when setting up any tree, but when it comes to real pine, water and electricity, which involves your lights always need to be monitored.

Decorating real or artificial trees are the same steps except for the care it involves.

Dressing steps

  1. Start with wrapping the lights around the tree
  2. Place your focal point on the top
  3. Start adding your ornaments
  4. Put some inside the tree, this is back inside the branch almost next to the trunk
  5. Place some ornaments on the ends of the limbs

When placing your ornaments on the tree, stagger the ornaments all over. If you are interested in making an impact add a few ornaments together.

Involving family

  • Christmas is about family, friends and building relationships while spending time with each other
  • Make it an event
  • Assign each person a task
  • Have some milk, cookies, hot chocolate and music
  • Allow everyone to add an ornament they like, bought or have made

Never forget that Christmas is for people, while we celebrate the Savior's birth. Enjoy!


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