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Tips for Giving Your Dog the Best Christmas Ever

Updated on December 20, 2014

You can never go wrong with a tasty bone.

  1. The best way to indulge your pet in this treat is to venture out and buy a bottom round roast, and throw it in your crockpot for about 10 hours on low.
  2. Go ahead and throw in some potatoes, onions, and carrots, too…. We want some FLAVOR up in this roast!
  3. Now, unplug that crockpot and take it down to a homeless shelter, along with a note to please save the bone.
  4. When you pick up your crockpot the next day, LO! There will be a fantastic, flavorful treat waiting for your favorite fur baby! And think about it; don’t they deserve it?

Dogs need love almost as much as food, water, and shelter.

  1. A creative way to show your dog love is to speak kindly to it and give it lots of scratches and tummy rubs. You want to make sure you’ve got true kindness in your voice when speaking to your pet.
  2. A helpful way to do this is pick up the phone and call an old dear friend to wish them a heartfelt Merry Christmas, since dogs don’t know what the heck you’re saying anyway.
  3. Don’t forget to scratch its ears whilst you talk! Never will there be dog happier to hear your voice.

Toys, toys, toys …

  1. Pups young and old adore something new to play with when the old toys just won’t do any more. Go to the nearest store with an Angel tree, and pluck off a name (or three) of a needy child, since you’re going to be out shopping anyway.
  2. Now for each present you buy your dog, buy a toy from the human section and leave it under the Angel tree. Your pet will experience great joy this holiday playing with his unexpected new toys.

Every dog enjoys a new comfy bed!

  1. Go online and search for the most beautiful, comfortable, and luxurious pillow that you can find.
  2. When it gets delivered to your house, put it on your bed to replace the old one that lies where your significant other rests their head.
  3. Take that well-used old pillow and present it to your faithful pet. Dogs absolutely love things that smell like their owners! Bringing comfort to your loved ones is always appreciated.

Exercise is the gift that keeps on giving, so play with your pet outside.

  1. Most dogs get quite a kick out of romping in the snow; they’ll do it for hours! Wait for a good sized snowfall, and off you two go to the front yard.
  2. Since you want as much snow as possible to play in, go to your elderly neighbor and ask for some of theirs from their driveway. They may want to give you some money for this; which is utterly ridiculous since they are giving YOU the deal by letting you take it.
  3. Load it up by the wheelbarrow and bring it to your own yard, so your lifelong friend can enjoy this magical time of year with the person they love the most.


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