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To trick or Treat????

Updated on February 25, 2018

To tell you the truth, I'm all for my kids or grand-kids having all the fun in the world. If it wasn't for the "monsters" (the ones that tamper with the goodies etc.) we should all be able to let the kiddies take in everything that halloween has to offer. Well, not the midnight frolicking around the bonfire at the beach bit after all it's a school night, but all the other fun. But (there is always a but) like I said, there are weirdos and creeps out there that wouldn't think twice about hurting our precious young ones.

Really, give what halloween has become over the past few decades a thought or two. Everyday of the year we tell our children, do not talk to strangers, do not take candy or anything else for that matter from strangers, do not go to strange houses etc. Now, today because it's halloween, all of a sudden it's okay. We let them go from door to door holding out their loot-bags for candy or what-not. Some of us parents actually drive them around from house to house.

Wouldn't that be, what you call, a double standard??????

I know I did, when my children were young. It seems it was just a week or so after the new school year started, the questions were, what should I be for halloween this year? The plans kept changing till about the middle of October, then it became serious costumes construction time. It was all a lot of fun, the prep time, the school halloween dance or party, the actual trick or treating and then most important of all the loot-bag...

Should parent deny their children all that? I don't really know. The sad thing is that it feels less safe today then it was years ago. I leave you with this still unanswered question. Was it really safer then or were we just less informed? Has the new age media shrunk our world?

Happy Haloween everyone and Kiddies have fun but stay safe......


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