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Top 10 Christmas Gifts of 2010

Updated on March 14, 2011

Introduction to the Top 10 Christmas Gifts of 2010

Yes it's that time of year again, the sleighbells are being polished up, mistletow is being grown in abundance, and people everywhere are panicking about what they are going to buy for the people they love.

Fear not though, I will be giving you the top 10 Christmas gifts of 2010 to help you put together the very best selection of Christmas gifts for your family and friends!

Whether you are looking for gadget presents, family presents, or jsut something to keep the kids occupied over the Christmas season, there will be something waiting here for you on the Top 10 Christmas Gifts of 2010

Top 10 Christmas Gifts 2010
Top 10 Christmas Gifts 2010

The Best Christmas Gifts of 2010

Some of the best Christmas gifts appearing in my top 10 Christmas gifts of 2010 you will probably have seen them before, but the truth is that there are many presents out there which still have as much relevance and joy as they did a year ago.

While many of the best Christmas gifts of 2010 will be my best Christmas gift ideas, please feel free to comment and make any suggests on what you think should have also been included in this fantastic list!

So without futher ado, let me take you on the Top 10 Christmas Gifts of 2010!

Best Christmas Gift Ideas
Best Christmas Gift Ideas

10) Nintendo Wii Top 10 Christmas Gift of 2010

Okay so the Nintendo Wii has been out for quite some time now, but lets face it, this family console is the pinnacle of fun. It will not only provide you with hundreds of hours of entertainment, and help keep you fit, but it will also bring all the visiting relatives together over the Christmas season!

The Nintendo Wii has a wide range of games and accessories that prevent it from getting boring, these games are nearly all designed to be available to large multiplayer groups. This makes the Nintendo Wii a great Christmas gift if you have an upcoming party planned over the festive season!

The Nintendo Wii is for more than just entertainment though, it has some great games which help you keep fit, and there are some more releases coming by this Chrstmas to make this fantastic Christmas gift even more exciting!

Amazon Kindle Best Christmas Gift 2010
Amazon Kindle Best Christmas Gift 2010

9) Amazon Kindle Top 10 Christmas Gift idea

The Amazon Kindle now has a WiFi and a 3G incarnation, both provide you with access to a huge amount of literary works at some fantastic prices. The Amazon indle is definitely one of the best Christmas gift ideas, and is perfect for anyone who loves to read, thanks to it's soft tinted screen, and near unlimited access to the books of the world.

If you want to buy a gift for someone who loves to read, then the Amazon Kindle, with a near unlimited library of literature is the perfect gift.

The Amazon Kindle 3G is widely ragerded as one of the best Christmas Gifts of 2010, thanks to it's month long batterylife, no glare screen, and free 3G download anywhere service!

There are also 1.8 million books available on Amazon which you can download for free!

Minnetonka Christmas Gift Women's Slippers
Minnetonka Christmas Gift Women's Slippers

8) Minnetonka Women's Slipper

What would be more perfect for any woman, than some soft lined Minnetonka slippers, which keep teh feet warm, even during the coldest of winters. These amazing Minnetonka women's slippers look great and perform admirable during the winter period.

These fantastic comfortable slippers are perfect for any Christmas gift for women, and are also great gifts at other times of the year. Lets face it though, when it comes to the colder temperatures of the festive season, nothing beats some nice warm slippers to keep your loved ones happy.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for your wife or girlfriend you can do no better then some high quality Minnetonka women's slippers.

BeerTender from Heineken Top 10 Christmas Gifts of 2010
BeerTender from Heineken Top 10 Christmas Gifts of 2010

7) BeerTender from Heineken Christmas Gift

Slippers might keep the women warm over Christmas, but it is the beer that keeps the mens spirits high over the festive season. The Beer Tender from Heineken is easily in my Top 10 Christmas Gifts of 2010 thanks to it's brilliant design and fantastic features.

The BeerTender Heineken can hold a 5L Heineken DraughtKeg, and keep it cool and on tap fresh for up to 30 days. There is simply no other way to get beer fresh on tap in your own home than with this amazing Christmas gift.

As well as keeping your beer fresh, the BeerTender is easy to clean and maintain. With removable trays, nozzles and pipes. This makes it an ideal Christmas present for the man in your life, and if you like a little beer too, it might even give you the occasional refreshing glass of ale!

iPod Touch Best Christmas Gift 2010
iPod Touch Best Christmas Gift 2010

6) iPod Touch

The iPod touch is very simply the best MP3 player/portable video player on the market today.  It's simple interface and speedy control system allows you to easily keep track of your music.  Even better the fantastic iPod Touch includes plenty of games and additional features.

The pure diversity and functionality of the iPod Touch makes it a perfect Christmas gift for anyone, but especially those who love music, and even more so for those who love gadgets.

The iPod touch as a lot to offer, and it's light weight, make it perfect for portable music and entertainment, and one of the top 10 Christmas gifts of 2010!

Nikon Coolpix S8000 Top 10 Christmas Gift of 2010
Nikon Coolpix S8000 Top 10 Christmas Gift of 2010

5) Nikon Coolpix S8000 Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

Taking pictures is fun for boys and girls, men and women, thrill seekers and sensibel folk. This makes a Digital camera such as the Nikon Coolpix S8000 one of the top 10 Christmas gift ideas of 2010.

Digital cameras can be a more than just a little bit of fun, they can capture your most precious moments, and your most exhilarating adventures.

One of the best compact digital cameras to let you capture your life's journey is the Nikon Coolpix S8000 which gives you fantastic picture quality, in a small sized pocket camera.

If you are stuck for ideas this Christmas then a compact digital camera can often be the best Christmas gift in the world!

Chi Hair Straighteners Top Ten Christmas Gifts of 2010
Chi Hair Straighteners Top Ten Christmas Gifts of 2010

4) Chi Hair Straighteners

If the woman in your life has wanted some hair straighteners then the very best you can buy for them are Chi Hair Straighteners. These great Christmas gifts are a fantastic way to show someone you care.

While there are plenty of hair straightener brands out there, but every woman knows that Chi hair straighteners are by far the best out there. Chi hair straighteners are simple, fast heating and feature rich hair straightener, with some models even having great additions such as auto shut off with no movement after a set amount of time.

With a Chi hair straightener you can straighten, flip, curl and style your hair. Leaving it glossy, rich and perfectly styles.

Nintendo DSi XL Top 10 Christmas Gifts of 2010
Nintendo DSi XL Top 10 Christmas Gifts of 2010

3) Nintendo DSi XL Christmas Gift

The Nintendo DSi XL is a great Christmas gift for children and adults alike. This fantastic handheld console has a wide selection of entertaining games, as well as some great educational and brain training games which can help expend your mind, and help your children through school.

The Nintendo DSi XL is definitely one of the top 10 Christmas gifts of 2010 thanks to the infinite amount of enjoyment and education it can provide.

The pure flexibility of the Nintendo DSi XL means that you are not just buying another handheld console. It is both a tool and an entertainment machine, and a fantastic Christmas gift for anyone.

Logitech Squeezebox Top 10 Christmas Gift of 2010
Logitech Squeezebox Top 10 Christmas Gift of 2010

2) Logitech Squeezebox Radio with Wifi

The Logitech Squeezebox is a beautifully designed radio which can easily be hooked up to your home WiFi network, allowing it too access your iTunes collection, or even Internet radio stations. This gift is perfect for anyone who loves music, it gives you access to any genre of music you wish thanks to the Internet radio stations. and the WiFi action gives you easy access to your own personal favorites at any time.

This simple idea makes for a great gift, and with an inbuilt color screen, finding your favorite music has never been easier.

The Logitech Squeezebox is helped to teh number two spot of my top 10 Christmas gifts of 2010 thanks to it's high quality speakers and unbeatable sound quality.

iPad The Number One Christmas Gift of 2010
iPad The Number One Christmas Gift of 2010

1) Apple iPad, the Best Christmas Gift of 2010

There is little doubt that the hottest Christmas gift of 2010 is the Apple iPad. It is functional, simple, easy to use, and boy does it look good!

When you first see the Apple iPad you will simple be amazed, it is a beautiful device, and when you start playing around with it you will soon find that you can accomplish anything you desire thanks to the wide availability of iPad widgets and functions available.

From eBooks to movies, all the way to web browsing, there is a whole lot of entertainment on the iPad, but you can just as easily use it to keep up with current events, of catch up on work.

The important thing to remember is that the iPad is not a laptop, but a more portable, simple, device which merges between a laptop and current day iPod touch functionality.

While the iPod touch does not act as a mobile phone, it can be purchased with 3G capability, making it perfect for those who need Internet access on the move.

The Best Christmas Gifts!

Hopefully my top ten list gave you some great ideas for the best Christmas gift.  However with thousands fo gifts out there to choose from, you never know if the best gift for the person you love is still out there or not.

Finding the best gift for your partner, children of friends can be much harder, and much more diverse than I can cover in a simple list such as this, but hopefully I have given you a few ideas to get you on track to coosing the best gifts for the people you love this festive season.


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    • kephrira profile image


      7 years ago from Birmingham

      I love the beertender.

    • ocbill profile image


      7 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      great ideas. I got one of them already so will look into the others as gifts.


    • kimballtrombone profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice ideas. The Kindle and iPad are the ones that my wife and I both have our eyes on.


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