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Top 10 Contemporary Wedding Processionals

Updated on June 21, 2010

Gone are the days where every wedding has to use the "Here Comes the Bride" theme as you walk down the isle, so why not make it personal and intimate? As you walk down the isle on your wedding day, you want to feel beautiful and to have a heart overflowing with love and excitement.

The music you choose to accompany this special moment is both personal and important. If you know that you are wanting to stay away from the more traditional wedding music and are looking for something more contemporary and up-to-date, there are literally thousands of great songs to choose from.

Depending on the setting of your ceremony, it will be up to you to decide whether to play your song on CD as you walk down the isle or if you want to hire musicians to play for you. Many beautiful contemporary songs also have great lyrics in the chorus but every verse doesn't fit in with the wedding setting. One option would be to have an acoustic guitarist or a pianist play an instrumental version only.

Another idea is to write new lyrics personalized for your wedding day and have someone sing them with a piano background. Using a live instrumental version is great if you are having a wedding in a more traditional church setting and want to mix contemporary with traditional elements.

Here is My personal Top 10 list of Contemporary Wedding Processional Songs:

  1. Power of Love by Celine Dion. The lyrics are so beautiful and if you are using a CD, there is no better voice than Celine's to hear on your wedding day!
  2. You're Beautiful by James Blunt. This is an exacmple of a song with a great message, but some inappropriate lyrics. It works beautifully as an instrumental!
  3. When A Man Loves A Woman by Percy Sledge. What a romantic song to play as he watches you walk towards him! Whether using a CD or live musicians, this is a wonderful choice! Think about trying it with a solo saxophone for something different!
  4. All My Life by KC & JoJo. It's the lyrics that really move me on this song, so this is a great choice for a CD or a vocalist.
  5. Something In the Way She Moves by the Beatles. For a small intimate wedding setting, this song is one that will move everyone to tears.
  6. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin. This one speaks for itself.
  7. The Prayer as sung by Charlotte Church and Josh Grobin. An emotional and truly beautiful choice, especially if you have a couple that sings well together to sing live for your ceremony.
  8. Endless Love by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie. Speaking of great duets, this one is a classic.
  9. What A Wonderful World. There are lots of different recordings of this song, so if you like it, listen to the different ways that it has been performed in the past and find one that works for you.
  10. Heavenly Day by Patty Griffin. A slow and sweet song that will work great for an intimate setting, especially if you can find someone to play it on their acoustic guitar for you.

Just remember to choose a song that matches your own feelings and tastes. Music choice is so personal and with all of the options available to you these days, there's no reason to settle for anything less than the perfect song.


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    • profile image

      Christianne 3 years ago

      Most important tip for wiitrng: Learn the language perfectly and express the thoughts with easiest language.Another tip: Do sufficient research before write a single sentence. Read as much as you can for having the most suitable way.One more to go: Do not follow anything specific. Try your best to bring the thought inside you and express in your unique way (I believe everyone has it).The worst possible tip: Make copy/paste from others wiitrng.Keep Smiling and a real good initiative. Appreciate your level of wiitrng. Thanks.

    • profile image

      Mayara 3 years ago

      Amanda - These pictures are amaizng!! Can't wait to see them hanging in the house! You guys are beautiful inside and out and I am so lucky to be your babysitter! Seeing William and Lauren grow up is such a blessing!

    • profile image

      court 7 years ago

      What is a song that sounds like heavenly day? My friend is using it someday when she gets married and I don't want to be a song stealer :) but I love love love how this song sounds and the words!

    • eventsyoudesign profile image

      eventsyoudesign 7 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      My personal favorite is, Knights in White Satin", by the Moody Blues. Love this song. I enjoyed reading your article. I like your last name. Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your hubs. When I got married a friend that played keyboard for my ceremony performed a song that he wrote for his wife when he got married. Very special for me.

      Thanks for sharing. Teresa

    • profile image

      Wedding Invitation Designs 7 years ago

      Great playlist. I recommend just buying a wedding cd because there are so many options and songs that you may have never even heard of.

    • profile image

      lisa 8 years ago

      whoa! negative commenter! just because you had a bad experience or two doesn't mean we all will.