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Top 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Updated on May 3, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is a popular celebration around the world that celebrates mothers and motherhood. It can be tough to find the right gift for your mom. Here is a list of the top 10 best gifts for Mother's Day. This list should give you some good ideas on what to get for your mother during this holiday.

1. Gourmet Dinner or Lunch

Take your mother out for a nice gourmet dinner or lunch. Perfect time to spend time with your mom while enjoying a nice meal at the same time. Make sure to choose the correct venue and plan ahead. Don't forget to cover the entire bill, otherwise it's not a gift.

2. Cellphone, Tablet or eReader

If your Mother uses modern technology, a tech related mother's day gift would fit right in. Everyone loves a new smartphone, or perhaps your mother loves to read books? A Tablet or an eReader would then make an outstanding gift.

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3. Massage and Spa

Does your mother need a break? A massage and spa treatment would be a perfect way for her to relax. If you are a female yourself, it might be a great idea accompany your mom and spend some time with her while both of you relax.

4. Gift Basket

A gift basket full of her favorite treats, maybe throw in a nice bottle of wine as well. You can buy a prepackaged gift basket or build your own. Great customizing opportunities for mother's day, you can create a custom gift basket exactly to your mom's liking.

5. Flowers and Treats

The classic mother's day gift, you cannot go wrong with some nice flowers and a box of chocolates or any other treats your mother would enjoy.

6. Coffee Kit

Does your mother love coffee? Perhaps a nice coffee appliance or simply a variety pack of high end coffee packages would make a great gift. Just make sure your mom isn’t trying to quit caffeine while you are planning this as a gift.

7. Home Decor

If your mother enjoys decorating her home, home décor might be for her. But be careful only get what you know she wants or it will end up in storage. This gift idea is great if you are in the know about your mom's style and home decoration needs, otherwise do something else.

8. Vacation

A vacation is an amazing gift, but it is generally difficult to pull off due to being expensive and difficult to plan. If you are well off financially perhaps a nice tropical vacation for your mother would be an amazing gift. Get your siblings involved and speak with your father as well, everything needs to be planned ahead of time so this may not be the best surprise gift.

9. Gardening Related Gifts

If your mother is into gardening there are many gardening related gifts available, everything from gardening equipment to plants. Make sure you get something that your mother can use.

10. Purse, Handbags or Clothing

If you know your Moms style, perhaps it maybe a good idea to get something fashionable she could use. A purse or clothing is a great idea, just make sure you know what your mother likes.

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