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Top 10 Survival Gifts for Geeks

Updated on July 27, 2014

Sometimes it can be very hard to shop for guys, especially if they're geeks. 'Normal' people aren't always sure what would be a good gift, and what they might find interesting. Geeks can be quite fussy when it comes to what they want as they want not just a gimmick, but quality goods. Look no further, as this list will help you find a great gift for any geek that has a mind for survival. Whether it be an average camping trip, or surviving at the end of the world, this list has you covered with not only the gift, but the direct link to get it.

1 - Gifts for geeks don't always need to break the bank. Sometimes it's the simple things that you need during an emergency, and this survival bracelet is not only simple, but quite functional. This bracelet combines both Paracord and a Wire Saw in a small package that you can take anywhere. Paracord on it's own is rated for 550 pounds, and so is much stronger then normal nylon cords. You also can remove the outer layer and use the individual cords inside for a wide variety of things like fishing line, traps, sewing, and anything else you might use thin strong threads for. This particular bracelet is nine feet long, and so you'd have either a very strong nine foot cord, or over fifty feet of the internal cords. The wire saw is useful if you need to cut limbs, wood, or anything else you might need to cut in a survival situation.

2 - A first aid kit is valuable in any situation, and this is a great kit to carry around with you. As a roll up kit it's not only easy to carry via the handle but you can use the snap button straps to attach to your other gear. In an emergency situation you can open it quickly and identify the items you need in an instant. It comes with an assortment of pads, wipes, and bandages as well as an emergency blanket and poncho. It also has room for more, allowing you to add additional useful items like pain killers or an Epipen depending on your needs.

3 - Sometimes you need to use the proper tool for the proper job, and this kit gives you a wide variety of choice. Not to mention that a lot of geeks, myself included, like blades. So a gift like this will please a wide assortment of the geek population whether they're into survival gear specifically or not. This set includes a hand axe, a folding knife, a fixed knife, and a multi-tool all safely secured inside of a weather resistant nylon case. Like the other roll up kit, this also attaches easily to your existing gear with snap button straps, or can be carried by the handle.

4 - The tactical pen is used for survival in the urban jungle rather than a more natural environment, but is still a fun item for a geek to carry. This one in particular is one that won't break the bank, and is very solidly made from heavy grade aluminum. Unlike a knife, a tactical pen isn't an issue when taking it into most environments, whether going into a bar, or walking to your car late at night, a pen doesn't look like a weapon but it can certainly give you an edge. Not only that, but no matter who you are everyone should have easy access to a glass breaker in their car, and this pen has one at the end that will allow you break a car window and allow you to get out fast in an emergency. Geeks of course will get a kick out of the knowledge they've got an Uzi in their pocket.

5 - Although the bracelet above offers a cutting tool, this pocket chain saw puts it to shame. Especially with blades, often you really do need the right tool for the job, and this tool will rip through whatever wood you put in front of it. This is exceptional when you need to gather up a lot of wood quickly, or remove an obstacle. If your geek is going to use this to start cutting larger limbs, you might want to also get them some WD-40. A little lubricant will go a long way for ease of cutting.

6 - Some of the best gifts for geeks are the ones that prepare you for zombies. There is one geek you know that would love this tool of destruction. All you need to do is write on the package 'In case of Zombie Apocalypse' and you could see them smiling ear to ear. In addition to being your favorite weapon to smash through hordes of zombies, it's actually a functional tool. The only down side is the metal is cast, not forged, and so it might not be as durable as a tool designed for a specific job. That being said, geeks love quality multi-tools that look good, and this one fits the bill in a big way.

7 - One of the things that draws geeks in is an inventive way to light a fire. Quite a lot of us have a little pyromaniac inside of us, and can't wait till the next time we get to start a campfire. This is a great little tool to start fires that will last a lot longer then any lighter. Unlike a match where you simply drag it across the surface of a matchbook, you get to grind this sucker back and forth and watch the sparks fly... literally. The only downside to this set is that it does require kindling to get a fire started. Anything from twigs and splintered wood to dried grass will get you started, and then you're all set. This firestarter also comes with a whistle on the end, enabling you to easily signal for help if you need it.

8 - In any sort of emergency getting fresh clean water is always a priority. The LifeStraw is great whether you're in a real emergency, or simply going out camping, as it is a compact way of filtering your water and making it safe to drink. I first learned about this a few years ago and as a geek became interested in how the technology worked and how it's filter system could make water safe to drink, and it's likely a geek interested in survival would quite like this. Be aware however that while it will let you drink from a puddle or a stream, it won't work miracles. Salt or chemically polluted water will still be an issue, but if you ever did need to deal with an emergency, this gift would come in very handy.

9 - The tactica shovel falls somewhere in the realm of zombie survival tool and cool toy for most geeks, but it's built to be an actual tool. Because it's meant to double as a defensive weapon, this shovel is sharp, with one edge being straight and the other serrated. It's handle is made of reinforced nylon and fiberglass, and even if only used as a shovel it will make a great addition to any backpackers arsenal.

10 - It's all well and good to have the tools you need to survive, but sometimes the most important thing you can do is know what to do with them. Most geeks love to learn something new, and sometimes the best gift you can give a geek is a book that's actually interesting. The SAS survival book is something that any survival minded geek would love to delve into.

© 2014 Ben Martin


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