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Top 20 Toys for Christmas 2010

Updated on September 26, 2016

Top 20 Christmas Toys for 2010

Well, as the big count down begins, parents around the world are wondering what will be the Top 20 toys for Christmas 2010 - and will they manage to get the right thing, delivered in time for their kids!

Buying Christmas presents early can be fraught with danger, if your child changes their mind mid way through December as to what they want, but if you're lucky enough to have bagged yourself a hot product that's already sold out in the shops theyn you'll easily offload it (possibly at more t han you paid for it) as desperate parents will pay ANYTHING to get the right toy for their child for Christmas.

What about you? Have you got it sorted yet?

The list below looks at toys that are highly likely to be Top 20 by Christmas 2010 ... the race is on!

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Num Nums

I absolutely adore these Zhu Zhu hamsters. I'll probably buy myself some! They are already in short supply in a lot of areas.

Tipped to be THE top seller for Christmas 2010, these battery-operated, furry hamsters run around on wheels. You can even get a hamster ball and let them run around in those! It's a great starter-pet for a kid, find out if they'd get bored of a real one - this hamster doesn't need feeding, or cleaning out! Depending on how thick your carpet is, or how shiny your floor, you might experience some problems getting them to move, or move fast enough.

A must buy whether it's for children or adults - hours of cute fun ... and you can even race them!

Manufacturer: Zhu Zhu pets
Suitable for ages: 3 and above
Batteries required:
2 AAA batteries (usually included, but check)


Roboraptor is a realistic robotic toy that is controlled by a remote control.  Roboraptor's are quite life-like and he can walk like a real dinosaur.  Roboraptor has multi-sensors in its body enabling it to hear, see and feel people.this roborator is for kids around eight, although I am a fully grown adult and when I first saw one I wanted one myself!

You will need quite a bit of space for a Roboraptor, he's about 24" long and so you need to give  him toom to move about.

Manufacturer: Tiger Electronics
Suitable for Ages:
8 years and above
Batteries Required:

Tickle Me Elmo

Tickle Me Elmo is popular again this year. The character comes from popular TV show Sesame Street. With the Extreme TMX version you can tickle him on his tummy, chin or toe and Elmo will respond first by laughing and slapping his knee, then he'll over into a sitting position, still laughing, until he rocks back up to his feet... although it might drive you nuts.

Will this be the Number One toy of Christmas 2010?

Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Suitable for Ages: 18 months and older
Batteries Required: Yes, 6 AA Batteries (check if they're supplied when you buy it)

Nintendo Wii Video Game System

Nintendo's Wii video gaming systems (pronounced "we") bring people of all ages and video game experience together to play and h ave heaps of fun.  Once you have a Nintendo WII Game system, you can buy further add ons and games to fit it. 

When you buy a Wii Game system, just check what games are included in the deal/package, because there are a variety of choices out there to choose from!

If you over-indulge at Christmas, you might like to check out the Wii Fit system too :)

Manufacturer: Nintendo
Suitable for Ages:
Batteries Required: Yes, AA batteries for the remotes

Cella Sticker Machine, by Tomy

The Cella Sticker Machine makes it easy to produce stickers. There's no mess and you get instant stickers at the twist of a lever.

Make pictures from photographs, newspaper cuttings, even fabrics. Comes complete with 4 metres of adhesive/sticky tape. Pre-made sticker sheets are included. This is some great, creative fun for your kids over Christmas - and beyond. It'll keep them quiet for hours!

Stickers can be repositioned, so you can use them over and over again. The carry handle makes it easy for them to take their sticker maker to school or friends houses.

Available in two colours: cool translucent pink or blue.

Manufacturer: Tomy
Suitable for Ages:
5 years or older
Batteries Required: No

Tumble Time Tigger, by Fisher Price

Tigger is a character from the Winnie the Pooh books and Tumble Time Tigger is a small sound-activated doll, suitable for children aged 18 months and more.

Tigger responds by doing amazing cartwheels and funny handstands. To start the fun, you can press his nose or ear or, as he's noise-activated, you can get him moving by just clapping your hands.

Height: 11.5" tall
Fisher Price
Suitable for Ages:
18+ months
Batteries Required: 6 AA batteries


The cute Furby toy has been popular since first launched in 1998.  He is Intelligent and can show expressions, curiosity, joy and other reactions. Now, the latest Furby features "Emot-o-tronics", which allows a Furby to show more realistic emotions.

Manufacturer:  Tiger Co
Suitable for Ages:
6 years and above
Batteries Required: 4 AA batteries

Amazing Amanda

The Amazing Amanda doll has realistic features and looks just like a live baby doll. What she does actually changes, based on the time of day and even the time of year.  The Amazing Amanda doll can show emotions, and interact with conversation.

Manufacturer: Playmates
Suitable for Ages:
4 and older
Batteries Required: 3 AA batteries

Sylvanian Willow Hall

Willow Hall is a gorgeous Victorian-style house, It is the first house in the Sylvanian range with working lights. The Hall has two lights, which are interchangeable; each can be turned on or off.

Willow Hall opens up, giving access to five rooms - as well as creating a large play area in the middle so your children can create imaginative interactive play between the characters!

This is always one of the top toys for Christmas since it's a traditional popular toy AND a modern version of it.  A dolls house with lights - fabulous!

Manufacturer: Sylvanian
Suitable for Ages:
4 years and above
Batteries Required: 2 AA batteries

Baby Annabell

Baby Annabell is a baby doll that can cry, drink water from her water bottle, or just giggle.  She's just like a real baby. Baby Annabell even makes real sucking sounds when she's drinking - and she has a realistic mouth movement.When she's finished drinking, she'll even burp and fall asleep.

Baby Annabell does a lot more than that, she can close her eyes, yawn, breathe ... and she even snores when asleep!  Baby Annabell is a perfect choice for children aged three and above.

Manufacturer: Zapf
Suitable for Ages:
3 years and above
Batteries Required: 4 AA batteries

Scalextric - Power Slide Drift Set

Scalextric sets have been popular for decades and the Powerslide Drift Set contains two strikingly liveried Nissan 350Z cars. The cars are fitted with unique guideblade systems that allow 360-degree movement.

Manufacturer: Scalextric
Suitable for Ages:

Batteries Required:

Bob the Builder Sunflower Valley Playset

This is a Bob the Builder Playset that comes with a remote control as well as a magic magnetic action to drive the vehicles and control many other features. There are electronically produced sounds for Bob the Builder and his machines.

The playset consists of three themed characters - Muck, Scoop and Lofty.  You can drive around using the magnetic lever, and then make them move parts up and down using the other lever.

Manufacturer: Sunflower Valley
Suitable for Ages:
3 and above
Batteries Required: 2 AA batteries (usually not included)

LEGO - Star Wars Episode 3 ARC-170 Starfighter

The ARC-170 Starfighter is a most dangerous mission game.  Piloted by an elite crew of clone troopers, this sleek ship rules the spaceways.

Featuresincludes wings that open into the attack position and "real bombs" that drop.

The ARC-170 Starfighter contains three clone pilots as well as an R2 unit and nearly 400 pieces to make the game more interesting.

Manufacturer: Lego
Suitable for Ages:
8 and above
Batteries Required: Yes

Geomag - Deko Panels

Geomag Deko Panels are a great new innovative construction toy. It is a three dimensional construction system, that can be customized

You can also decorate your Geko Panel models, with pictures of family, friends, or even your own artwork.  Software is included, enabling you to download images from the Internet to use too. The Deko Image Software is Windows compatible.

What you do is create small to moderate sized 3D structures and geometric shapes

These are great toys for children who love to work with their hands and build things - they're also great for kids who are creative or possess super logical reasoning skills.

The package contains

  • 21 translucent magnetic rods
  • 18 chrome spheres,
  • 1 pentagon panel
  • 6 square panels
  • 6 triangular panels
  • 1 special paper pac, along with a paper punch and a stencil,

Manufacturer: Geko
Suitable for Ages:
3 years and above
Batteries Required: No

VTech - V-Smile Pocket

The V-Smile Pocket is a multi-award winning learning platform for children aged 3-7 years.  It is portable, but is a TV learning system that hooks up to a TV.

Learning games are age-specific so this game is perfect for both boys or girls of various ages as you simply choose the learning games suitable for their age and sex.

The learning games cover educational subjects such as English, maths, science, art, colors, shapes and music. An unusual feature of the V-Smile Pocket is that it adapts for left-handed and right-handed users automatically.

Available in 3 colors: orange, pink or blue

Manufacturer: VTech
Suitable for ages: 5-8 years mostly, but suitable for some 3-5 year olds
Batteries Required: 4 AA batteries (check if they're supplied)

Radica - 20Q Tabletop Challenge

The Radica - 20Q Tabletop Challenge computer uses artificial intelligence to read kids' minds, by guessing the answers to questions that kids have in their mind - with amazing accuracy! It is actually just a modern twist of the old "20 Questions" game and the Radica 20Q asks you questions and you have to reply using the YES and NO buttons.

There's also a new multi-player function.

I expect it has limited appeal in the longer-term and won't really stretch a bright child if that's what you're trying to do.

Manufacturer: Radica
Suitable for ages: 8 years and above
Batteries Required: 3 C batteries

Steam Along Thomas the Tank Engine Set

The Steam Along Thomas Set is a special edition set incorporating real sounds and a magical steam effect from Thomas' funnel, which glows red as he cheerfully chugs his way around the track.  You have to add water to make the steam appear.

Thomas has a shiny metallic painted coat for his anniversary celebrations too! the set includes new Maithwate station, bridge , tunnel and Safe steam effect. this toy set is for three yr old and over

Manufacturer: Tomy
Suitable for Ages:
Age 3 and above
Batteries Required: 3 AA batteries

Thomas Brendam Docks Electronic Playset

The Brendam Docks Electronic Playset is a working crane, called Cranky the Crane, that moves cargo around.  The playset includes a duck, a barrel car, and bulstrode cargo boat plus three magnetic barrels.  You also get 16 pieces of track, crossing gates and a lighthouse with working lights and sounds (a total of 6 sounds).

It is easy to carry and also has a track and storage for up to 8 vehicles inside.

Manufacturer: Brendam Docks
Suitable for ages: 0-3 years
Batteries Required: 5 AA batteries

Junior Gym Range

The Junior Gym Range is all about getting kids fit and helping them to enjoy the process.  This is a super new range of fitness and gym equipment that was designed especially for children.

The colourful range includes an Air Walker, Weights Bench, Rowing Machine, Treadmill and Fitness Bike.

Manufacturer: Wembley Playcraft
Suitable for ages: 4 years and over
Batteries required: No


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      7 years ago

      You need to get more ideas they are


    • AdamCairn profile image


      8 years ago from UK

      I was wondering what I should get my dad for Christmas...

    • Vizey profile image


      8 years ago

      Christmas is near and so do the gifts that everybody wants :) nice and interesting hub ..

    • theguru-reports profile image


      9 years ago from Montana

      Makes me wish I had little ones again, just so I could buy some of this. Good job

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Cool, Thanks for sharing that ideas and list. That will surely help me to have an idea of what to give on my kids, nephews and nieces. Thanks for posting that truly help!


    • Neil Ashworth profile image

      George Poe 

      9 years ago from United Kingdom

      Excellent hub... why would anyone trapze round the shops when it is all here on these great hubs.Thank for the info.



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