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Top 5 Baby Girl Shower Themes

Updated on March 7, 2014
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Unique Shower Ideas For Girls

When Mom is expecting a beautiful baby girl, you have many choices for shower themes that go well beyond the basic pink It's A Girl theme. When you've decided to throw a shower for a co-worker, friend or family member, chances are that the shower theme is one of the first things you'll need to choose during the planning process. In this hub, I've put together some of the most popular choices for little girls.

And don't forget that if you have a fun shower theme that you'd like to share, just leave a comment in the guest book near the bottom of this hub. The more inspiration the better!

#1) Ladybug Themed Shower

A ladybug shower theme is a great option when you are throwing a spring or summer shower, especially if you plan to do a garden luncheon or outdoor picnic event. You can find so many online shops that sell ladybug tableware including the purple and pink ladybug pattern shown to the right. I recently went to a first birthday party for a set of identical twin girls and they used this pattern which features both pink and purple ladybugs. It could just as easily be used for a single baby girl shower too. If you are more of a traditionalist when it comes to ladybugs, you can also find shower tableware that comes in the classic black and red color scheme that is usually associated with ladybugs.

No matter which color scheme you choose (pastel or red/black), just carry the theme through to the decorations and party food too. For instance if you go with the red and black theme, you could make a red punch and float some of those black reusable ice cubes to make the black dots in the punch. Or how about serving large strawberries that you decorate with chocolate dot? That would be another fun option. And of course, cupcakes that are frosted in either the pastel or red icing and then topped with dark chocolate chips or dark M&M's would be perfect for dessert.  For even more great food and game ideas, visit this ladybug baby shower page!

#2) Queen of the Jungle

 Why should boys have all the fun with their traditional King of the Jungle theme?  Now girls can get in on the jungle shower action with this new adorable Queen of the Jungle tableware that is available at numerous online retailers including Amazon (see the link below to purchase).  I also love that this pattern incorporates one of the most trendy color schemes of the season....chocolate brown and pink. 

For this theme, you'll want your guests to feel like they've arrived on a Safari expedition or in a tropical rain forest.  So decorate the shower area with trees and vines and hang monkeys around the room.  For games, consider having guests play the jungle animals baby name game or animal charades (this one is always good for a laugh).  For food, make animal shaped finger sandwiches by using cookie cutters to cut out shapes like lions, tigers, hippos, etc.  Finally, make a fun Safari cake or lion-face cupcakes.  You can get directions at for all kinds of animal cakes and cupcakes.

FREE Baby Shower Games

When you are looking for fun games to play at the baby shower, you should first check out the 8 free printable baby shower games from Baby Gifts & Gift Baskets. They have traditional games like "Who Knows Mommy Best" and "Baby Bingo", but also more unique games like "Name The Nursery Rhyme" or "Name The Baby Offspring".

If they don't have what you are looking for, consider checking out the Baby Game bundle from! You can purchase 75 printable baby shower games for just $19.95.

#3) Butterfly Baby Shower Theme

By utilizing a butterfly theme, you can achieve a sweet pink look that is perfect for a little girl's baby shower.  It is an especially good choice for summertime or springtime showers.  Thanks to Carter baby, you can find the baby shower tableware and supplies shown to the right at many online retailers.  If you prefer a flower and butterfly theme without the "baby" motif, you can find some great options at Birthday in a Box. 

To decorate for the shower, purchase some beautiful silk or nylon butterflies that you can hang from the ceiling.  In addition, you can scatter butterflies around the buffet or dessert table.  Speaking of food, consider using the butterfly-shaped pepperidge farm crackers to serve with cheese, salami, or artichoke dip.  You can even make the cheese butterfly shaped by using cookie cutters to cut it out.  Bow-tie pasta dishes are also great for a butterfly theme.

For more food, game, and favor ideas, check out this butterfly themed baby shower lens!

#4) Little Princess Baby Shower

When a soon-to-be Princess is on the way, a pink and white royal shower is sure to be a hit. Since Mom is the Queen, be sure to have a tiara ready and waiting for her to wear when she arrives at the party. Transform your party area into a majestic ballroom by hanging tissue paper, round paper tissue flowers (think pink, lavender and white), glitter covered stars, and balloons from the ceiling and around the room. Purchase some princess-themed party ware like that shown to the right.

For the food, heart and star shaped items work perfectly for this party theme. You can make little princess wands using pretzels and star-shaped gourmet cookies. Pink punch can be cooled with re-usable plastic ice cubes in a heart or star shape. Serve the beverages in dainty tea cups.

Send your guests home with a baby shower favors such as star-shaped cookie cutters or carriage shaped favor boxes filled with your favorite candy. Both of these items are available at Baby Gifts & Gift Baskets.

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#5) Chic Mommy Baby Shower

 If Mom is hip and trendy, then a shower that features chic mommy or modern mom tableware is entirely appropriate.  The fun party ware shown in the photo to the right features an on-the-go Mom that has an up-to-date style, loves to shop, and is ready for anything.  It features a lovely lavender and sage green color scheme that makes it an excellent choice for a girl baby shower.  Another lovely tableware pattern called Mod Mom features a pink, gray and black color scheme.  Both are available at many online shops including

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  • Nicole S profile image

    Nicole S Hanson 5 years ago from Minnesota

    Cute ideas for a baby girl here! I loved reading through all your different ideas!

  • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

    Susan Haze 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

    I love the baby shower ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  • mulberry1 profile image

    mulberry1 7 years ago

    Like them all, but I would probably go with the Butterfly theme.

  • BevsPaper profile image

    BevsPaper 7 years ago from Central Indiana

    What fun ideas for the Baby Girl Shower themes. That Queen of the Jungle one is really kind of cute.