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Top Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

Updated on October 1, 2017

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

Winter is a time of making snow angels, building snowmen, drinking relaxing cups of hot cocoa while snuggled up in a blanket watching your favorite movie, and then theres Christmas. Christmas is one of the most stressful times of the year as parents, spouses, and children fret over what gifts to get. Not everyone is easy to shop for but Christmas doesn't have to break the bank, its about a lot more than material things. Here I've compiled a list of easy and cheap Christmas gift ideas.

Fudge, everyone loves fudge. If your good in the kitchen making your loved ones a tin full of their favorite types of fudge could be the perfect gift. Its not only cheap but shows the receiver that you put effort into making their gift and filled it with love. Also things like home made bread, cake, cookies, and jams and jellies that you made and canned yourself,

Hats, gloves, and scarves make wonderful gifts. You can buy all three for fairly cheap but you can make them for even less and it's a gift that will be cherished year after year. Socks are also easy to make and will keep your loved ones toes warm all winter.

Blankets are also something that you can create fairly cheaply that will keep your loves ones warm on Christmas night and for the rest of the winter.

If your loved one regularly rides a bus or a subway buying them a Bus or subway card would be something they would appreciate.

Gift cards are easy gifts to give for the person who is hard to shop for since they enable them to buy whatever they want from where ever the card if from. Mall gift cards are a popular choice but Walmart and target gift cards work too.

Home made candles make a great gift, you can make them any shape or size and any color. Your loved ones will think of you every time they light up one of the candles, especially if they are scented!

Magnets are an easy to make gifts, you can personalize it with family pictures or images from the internet or magazines to match your loved ones interests.

Create a personalized gift basket, if your husband likes football make him a bag full of items from his favorite team, beer, popcorn, everything he'll need to enjoy the next big game! Have kids? create a bag full of sleep over items they can use at their next sleep over or host a special sleep over right after Christmas so they can utilize their gifts right away!

A journal is a good gift for teens and if you know how to do it making a home made journal could d be even better!

Christmas doesn't have to cost lots of money to enjoy it, with some well thought out home made gifts and some quality time with your family and friends it can turn out to be lots of fun and you'll still be able to pay the bills after!


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