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Top Unique Nativity Scene Set figurines and Display Collectibles: Willow Tree, Heartwood Creek, Valencia, and Fontanini

Updated on October 3, 2012

The Nativity Scene

Nativity Scene Set Christmas collectibles come in all sizes, shapes and levels of craftsmanship. As Christmas is really a season long Holiday as opposed to only a day or two, collecting and displaying Nativity Scene Sets has been a hobby for generations far back into the past. Fontanini Nativity Scene sets rank among the most popular in the United States, but Italian and Spanish artisans have long been at the top of quality Nativity Scene sets. Every collector of nativity heirlooms has a preference on the design and craftsmanship of the pieces they use to represent the Original Christmas Nativity.

Willow Tree Nativity Scene Sets

Willow Tree nativity scene sets are widely held in top regards as to the value, creativity and beauty of their Nativity Sets and figurines. Susan Lordi is the sole craftsman for the original Willow Tree figurines. Her art expresses her ability to communicate feelings and emotions through the lucid gestures of the figurines, as if they are dancing in a sea of passionate worship. The Wise men and angels are genuine and soft, lost in introspection of the momentous occasion of Jesus’s divine birth. Such feeling is hard to find in such a static object, Willow tree nativity scene sets capture the essence of the Christmas celebration.

Nao Christmas Nativity Collectibles

Spanish craftsmanship is evident in the Nao Nativity scene set models and figurines. Intricate detail is obvious when these models and figurines are displayed in a Christmas nativity scene. Crafted from fine Porcelain and hand-painted, these collectible pieces speak to observers with subtle color tones and dramatic features. They are among the finest in the world. No doubt one of the highest price tags in this niche of Christmas nativity collectibles. The detail and precision crafting that goes into these nativity figurines is of the highest quality.

Fontanini Nativity Scene

In the early part of the 20th century, Emanuele Fontanini began making porcelain religious figurines In Tuscany, Italy. To this day, it is a family business that prides itself on the Roman heritage of finely crafted religious objects. The brand is widely recognized amongst other artisans and certainly by cherished collectors of Nativity Scene sets. Even in our modern age, many of the nativity set figurines made by Fontanini are hand painted in homes of local Tuscan artists.

The Valencia Collection

The Valencia Collection is a prized and revered nativity set crafted with top of the line standards. Made by Roman Inc., the figurines are painstakingly sculpted and bring life to any display. They are reasonably priced on a relative scale. They have held both their beauty and value as an heirloom collectible throughout the last 50 years.

Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore

The Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore collection shows off the American craftsmanship devoted to nativity scene set collections. It has been suggested it is a folksy take on the nativity scene. The vivid pastel colors and rustic sculpting style illuminates the gravity of this deeply religious setting in a passionate and familial way. The ornate positioning of color and vibrance convey movement and activity to the static figurines.


While there are many large and small companies that offer nativity sets, there are a few that provide the craftsmanship and artistry to build a truly unique Scene. The Nativity Scene represents the people and surroundings of the birth of Jesus Christ. The size and theatrical depth of each nativity scene and character can range from palm-held to life-size. The most touching attributes are usually brought to the surface by these memorable characters that are painstakingly hand crafted by extremely skilled artisans. Due to the nature of the handiwork, these tend to be a bit on the expensive side. However, they elicit so much emotion from guests and onlookers and add a character of depth to any Original Christmas Celebration display.


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