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Top Ten Gifts For Dad

Updated on June 5, 2013

With Father’s Day just around the corner, many of you are probably starting to feel overwhelmed. Let’s face it: your dad most likely has enough socks and neckties in his closet by now. So, if you want to show Dad that you devoted some time to thinking of a memorable Father’s Day gift, keep on reading. I am sure this list will help you think of some outside-of-the-box gift ideas. This Father’s Day, you can make Dad feel like the king he truly is.

Remember: you don’t have much time left, especially if you are planning to do your Father’s Day shopping online. Make sure to keep in mind the delivery and handling time, and place your order at least a week ahead of time.

1. Personalized Key Chain - $35

This personalized key chain is such a sweet and memorable Father’s Day gift. You can personalize your message for Daddy or Grandpa and include the names of everybody this gift is from, all the way up to 30 characters.

All of the letters are hand-stamped, adding to the uniquness of this gift. It is practical, and yet it promises to make Dad feel special each time he looks at it. And since it is a key chain we are talking about, this means every day.

The personalized key chain is availabe at

2. Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller - $30 & Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer-Making Kit - $40

This is a gift that is perfect for any dad. Why? Because one thing all dads like is a nice cold beer. All he needs to do is put the metal icicle in the freezer and then slide it into his beer bottle. The result is an always cool beer and a really cool Father’s Day gift.

If your dad is more adventurous, the beer-making kit by the Brooklyn Brew Shop is a nice addition to the beer chiller. He can make his own beer, add any flavor he likes and cool it with the Chiller when it is ready. This guarantees the freshest beer he would ever taste… and no more complaints about its temperature or quality.

The beer chiller is available at and the beer-making kit at

3. Logitech Harmony Universal Remote - $350

All dads like to be in control. This Father’s Day, give Dad the control he desires in the form of the Logitech Harmony Universal Remote. With one touch of the Harmony Remote, he will be able to dim the lights, turn on the TV, start a DVD or play some music. Dad can even personalize the list of his favorite channels so they are one tap away. The cons? The fight over the remote control is utterly lost, and Dad is the ultimate winner. The pros? This will be one of his favorite Father’s Day gifts ever.

The remote control is available at

4. Jawbone UP Wristband - $130

If Dad is into gadgets, this is the gift for him. The UP wristband and iPhone app is a system that tracks how you sleep, move and eat. Dad will be able to know how many calories he consumed for dinner or lost while golfing with his buddies. If he likes catnapping on the couch, it can also wake him up at the optimal time (around 26.5 minutes) after he falls asleep. The wristband also keeps track of his sleep at night. It will remind him if he is being inactive for too long and help him set future goals so he can feel his best.

So, if the next time you see Dad he is in a much better shape, it will be totally thanks to you… and the UP wristband.

The UP system is available on

5. Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker - $194

Well, I have to confess something. I picked the Handpresso Maker as a gift idea because it is actually one of the items on the top of my wishlist.

I am lost without coffee. I love it, and I must have at least two cups a day, otherwise things could get a little ugly. And the idea of an esspresso on the go is like music to my ears… and the ears of my loved ones. With the Auto Esspresso Maker, this lifesaving drink is ready in just two minutes, and you can enjoy it anywhere you go – camping, vacations or while sitting in traffic.

The Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker is available at

6. Dad's Playbook - $13

This book is a great gift for any dad-to-be or any dad with younger children in the house. It offers more than 100 inspirational quotes from some of the greatest coaches of all times like John Madden, Vince Lombardi, Tommy Lasorda and Phil Jackson, and applies them to the great game of fatherhood. After all, the greatest dads and coaches do the same things. They inspire, care, guide, discipline and love.

Personalize it with a sweet, handwritten message or your little one’s handprint, and you are good to go.

This book is available at

7. Travel Chef BBQ Set - $36.00

Do you want to make Dad feel like he is the King of the Grill? This is the gift for him. This barbeque apron includes stainless steel tongs, a spatula, a basting brush, a fork and a heavy-duty oven mitt. The best thing is that the set rolls and zips up into a very compact size, so dad can carry it to any barbeque party he attends.

This Father’s Day, help Dad impress everyone with his chef skills, and bon appétit to you all.

The Travel Chef BBQ Set is available at

8. The BedLounge Reading Pillow – $137.99

This Father’s Day, give Dad the comfort he deserves with the reading pillow by Cequal Products. If Dad likes to read, lounge or watch TV in bed, this reading pillow will be the best Father’s Day gift ever!

It adjusts and reclines for custom comfort and support. The BedLounge reading pillow is ultra lightweight, so Dad can take it anywhere he wants to indulge in the utmost comfort. The bad news is that you will have a really hard time gift shopping for next year’s Father’s Day. It will be almost impossible to top this gift.

The BedLounge reading pillow is available at

9. Eye Glasses Holder - $18.00

If your dad tends to misplace his glasses often, and looking for them is petty much an everyday mission in your household, then this eye glasses holder is exactly what you need.

And this a gift with some nice sense of humor, which I am sure dad will appriciate too.

I personally think the eye glasses holder could pass as a nice home decoration piece when not in use, as well. It is handmade of sustainable sheesham wood from a group of craftsmen in India. So, help dad find his glasses one last time, and enjoy this gift.

The Eye Glasses Holder is available at

10. Neck Massager with Wireless Remote Control - $139.99

There are only a few things that are better than a neck massage after a long day. Thus, I personally believe this neck massager is going to be an enjoyable gift not just for dad but for everyone else in the house.

It has a wireless remote control, four professionally crafted automatic modes and six manual compound therapy modes for true custom massages. This Father’s Day, help Dad feel relaxed and tension-free with this wireless neck massager.

The neck massager with wireless remote control is available at

Whatever gift you decide to get Dad this Father’s Day, remember that the most important thing is to show and tell him how special he is to you.

Happy Father’s Day shopping, everybody!


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