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Top Ten Romantic Gifts for Your Valentine

Updated on September 14, 2015
Valentines Day Romantic Gift Ideas for Christmas
Valentines Day Romantic Gift Ideas for Christmas | Source
romanantic gifts for her
romanantic gifts for her

Romantic Gift Ideas

Love Gifts

Express your love for your Valentine on Christmas Day with giving a special gift to your special someone.It is said that finding the perfect gift can help express your deepest feelings to someone. However, when it comes to coming up with that romantic gift idea, most of us are utterly confused and perplexed. Love gifts are the elements of that gift giving experience that is the part of the occasion that helps to leave special memories. Sexy nighties, romantic massage oils and more for your special someone this Christmas or Valentines Day.

Romantic Gift Ideas For Your Valentine on Christmas

Romance is in the air and the whole gift experience is getting closer, there are so many romantic ideas with alot of options. Try not paying attention to the basic ones and check this top ten list of the best romantic gifts ideas. And remember there are a few romantic gifts, which, if you opt for, can never go wrong in keeping the love alive and making the bond between you two grow stronger and lovelier. Explore ten most romantic gifts ever, which are sure to take your love to newer heights.

Romantic Gifts

Are always the answer to show how much you love them. For Christmas, for Valentines Day or any day you want to show the one you love that romance is in the air saying it with the perfect gift will send your lover to the moon and back!

best romantic gifts for the one you love
best romantic gifts for the one you love

10- Romantic Gifts

Personalized Gifts

Probably one of the most special gifts you can give to the one that you feel romantic about is to give them a Love note. This can be any kind of a note for what makes it a special gift finding the right words that speak from your soul. Inscribing these words on a keepsake is what makes a heart paperweight one of the most perfect romantic gift ideas for Valentines Day. Actually it doesn't have to be Valentines day to gift the one you love you feel amorous for it could be Christmas, her birthday or any other day you want to declare your love for her!

Love Gifts An Inscribed Heart Paper Weight

All because Two People Fell in Love
All because Two People Fell in Love

The Perfect Heart

Love Gifts with Something inscribed

The words, " All Because Two People Fell in Love" " could be the most perfect words to describeValentines Day. So when choosing a gift for your love, forget the thoughtfulness gift of a book you may feel inclined to get her, for this can be a bit boring. Its with inscriptions with perfect words truly will make this the love gifts screaming romance.! Sure once again you could buy your sweetheart that new novel they have been dying to read, or maybe a first addition of his/her all-time favorite classic or even a journal, the subject matter doesn’t have to be romantic, its your romantic inscription that will make this the best Valentines day ever. Making this most special day on the calender calls for you to tap into your sentimental side. Im telling you a girl will forever keep this gift

. If you are looking for more inspiration words to inscribe on your paperweight hop over here to find and read all the best beauty quote to make this gift extraordinary.

A Twist on the Elsa Perretti Heart Pendant

Personalized Romantic Gifts

The words to say are easy for this romantic gift. What makes it the most special gift is the words and the engraving. Make it simple and easy, maybe something like.

"You make me a very happy man"
of course it works both ways for what man would not love to receive a sentimental gift such as the special gift of words from your heart.
"You make me a very happy woman"

Or when the gift experience is one that will want you to say, "Always Thinking of You"

Even if you put both of your names and the date this perosnalized heart is sure to be one of the best love gifts your loved one will ever receive.

Romantic Gifts for the Woman in Your Life

Diamonds are the one of the Most Romantic Gift Ideas

 tennis bracelet
tennis bracelet | Source

9- Romantic Gifts

Diamond Tennis Bracelt

One of the most special gifts that anyone can receive is of course a diamond. Imagine the look on her face as you give this love gift. A romantic valentine gift experience is one present that is never forgotten. You will always remember the expression when this special gift is opened and they find a sparkling, elegant tennis bracelt. Whether it be a Romantic ring, earrings, pendant or bracelet. There’s nothing more romantic or personal than jewelry.

Hint: If you want to make it personal and romantic, don’t mistakenly give this special gift like a cute little goofy necklace or adorable puppy dog earrings. A diamond tennis bracelet is one of the best gift ideas for her. It is a luxury gift that any girl who want to get. Best romantic gift idea for sure.

Romantic Gifts for Her

Michael Kors Very Hollywood Perfume

A new and sparkling Eau de Toilette - Very Hollywood Michale Kors
A new and sparkling Eau de Toilette - Very Hollywood Michale Kors

Where to Buy Michael Kors Very Hollywood Perfume

8- Romantic Gifts

Womens Perfume

Michael Kors

There is no doubt that a special gift of perfume is one of the most delicate and sensuous gifts one can ever is the give of touching the sense of smell. February 14 is the time of the romantic valentine gift experience and a womens designer perfume gift is certainly one on the top lists to get close to your wife or girlfriend. A special gift that is perfect in any momentous seasons such as Valentine, birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, and other occasion. Michael Kors the Amercian iconic fashion designer, knows what women want, and you know that from his full line of the best perfumes for women. Michael Kors hits the stores this 2011 Valentine gift giving time with Very Hollywood. Just the name of this womens fragrance tells you it is a great birthday gift for her.

Other Womens Designer Fragrances for that special someone this Valentines Day.

Vera Wang
Giorgio Armani

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

One of my most favorite scents is one that can be worn by men and or women. Giorgio Armani hit it out of the ball park when his house created Acqua Di Gio. A light fragrance that can be worn day or night. It has a scent that almost smells different on everyone. Once you put this on you may never want to wear anything else.

Romantic Gifts for Him

7- Romantic Gifts

Luxury Watch

Men’s luxury watches are really great to consider as one of the most listed romantic gifts for men. Think about what is a watch for a man? Opening a luxury gift such as a watch is sure to be one of the best gift experience he will ever have. And he will think about it everyday for a luxury watch is just about the only piece of jewelry that a man will wear. A man’s look and tone often defined by a watch. So when shopping online for that special gifts for him look no further that a men’s luxury watch. A watch is a romantic gift idea that is widely available when you seek gifts online including Movado, Michael Kors or Seiko watch. All you need to think is which do you think he would prefer. Which one you will go for this year’s romantic gifts for him?

Sensual Romantic Gifts

Love Gifts

Kama Sutra The Gift Box
Kama Sutra The Gift Box

6- Romantic Gifts

Gifts for Couples

Kama Sutra The Gift Box

If a special gift is what you are looking for in this season of the perfect gift experience, For there is no more than being creative with an enticing way to say I love you. When love gifts are in the air this great gift idea of couples is on that is created for the adventurous, it offers a generous supply for all but the lavish of Kama Sutra's most exciting ways for lovers to keep in touch. Touch someone you care for with this special gift that includes the gentle essence of sweet almond massage oil. Indulge each other in beauty oils for a a great gift experience with the luscious touch of edible honey almond massage cream. And when tension looms, smoother each other in a luxurious cloud of sweet, edible honey dust. This is one romantic gift that will last the whole year.

Romantic Love Gifts for the Couple

Romantic Gift for Couples
Romantic Gift for Couples

5- Romantic Gifts

Candle Lit Dinner

Treat your lucky gift recipients to a night of Amore, starting with a romantic dinner for two delivered right to their doorstep. As they lift the lid to this handsome wicker picnic hamper (great for future picnics for two!) they will discover Italian inspired gourmet fixing. This a one romantic gift for the new girlfriend in your life. She will love to see the enticing romantic side of you!

Romantic Love Gifts

Sentimental Gift

Personalized Heart Christmas Ornament
Personalized Heart Christmas Ornament

4- Romantic Gift Idea

Sentimental Gift

When thinking of a special gift to show how romantic you can be why not add a little extra sparkle to that special gift receiver and help decorate the Christmas tree with a beautiful intricately beveled glass ornament that is inscribed. This is a perfect gift for couples and it will go with any décor and these pretty ornaments include a gold ribbon hanger. Add a personal message for a special gift they’ll long remember. Each love gift ornament can be personalized with up to three lines of text with up to 15 characters per line. In addition you can have them engrave the holiday image of your choice below the text engraving.

Romantic Gifts

The cufflinks say it all!
The cufflinks say it all!

3- Romantic Gifts

Cool Gifts for Him

Let him know how special he is with this cool gift that he is sure to wear with pride. This love gift idea for him is a set of cuff links that is a most special gift in that it is a Handcrafted square ceramic set of cufflinks with silver plated swivel bar fitting. The cuff links are Made in England. "Always right" and "Never wrong". A bit of light humor for the cuff, a cool gift if ever there was one. This romantic gift idea for him comes Gift boxed. As each cufflink is handmade so each one will have a slight difference to the next.

Romantic Gift Ideas

Romance Gift from Nao

one of the most romantic gifts that let that special someone know you love them
one of the most romantic gifts that let that special someone know you love them

2- Romantic Gifts

Special Gift

For the collector who is always a romantic at heart, here is a special gift you can give to your loved one for a that memorable gift experience. Nao Handmade Porcelain is part of the Lladró Group and there can never be more of a special gift for the collector than the Nao First Love Porcelain Figurine.

Romantic Gifts

1- Romantic Gifts

Luxury Gift

Weekend Getaway

Women love surprises and women love weekend getaways. I dont think there is anything more romantic than taking a trip together to some fabulous destination. This year, pair ’em up and you have a the recipe for the most special gift all about romance. Once you reach your lover’s destination just think how the gift experience is going to continue. Whether it’s Napa Valley wine country, the Big Apple or even a nearby bed and breakfast, this luxury gift for the two of you will keep the romantic theme of romantic gift ideas going by taking her on a carriage ride, ordering room service for two and watching the sunset together. When planning a romantic getaway you want the destination to be made for love. Make sure the room is filled with the best love gift of flowers. Romance does not get any better than this gift that says I love you.

Romantic Gift Idea

Romantic Gifts

Guaranteeing Christmas Cheer

Remember when getting that special one on your Christmas list that the most romantic gifts are not Love coupons, for they are just not romantic, but handmade cards are what makes a romantic idea into a special gift. No matter what you give her or what ever you are thinking about a gift for him make it extra special by including a card and a personalized note, you automatically get romance points. When it comes to the gift experience, you want to make it perfect so make sure to add that love gift element and include a loving inscription that comes from the heart.

Just remember that when think of romantic gift ideas you check back and think from the heart.

Romantic Gift Idea


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    • wavegirl22 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from New York, NY

      Doug - your secret is sdef safe with me ! Thanks for stopping by.

    • profile image

      Doug Turner Jr. 

      8 years ago

      Glad I stumbled across this in time for Christmas! My special lady friend will definitely be benefitting from your great gift ideas. (Psst, please tell her it was my idea; I'll be so grateful.) Thanks for the informative post.

    • wavegirl22 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from New York, NY

      Mr. Carpal Tunnel - you have style I must say!

    • lilmissbookworm profile image


      9 years ago

      I loved the ideas and I have to say that I have been blessed with all of these gifts. I am a very lucky lady. Good hub good for the people who want some ideas how to treat a loved one.

    • Mr. Carpal Tunnel profile image

      Mr. Carpal Tunnel 

      9 years ago from PENNSYLVANIA

      Im glad to hear that ! Hopefully ,I can be just like you on hub pages when ,I grow up ! lol...

    • wavegirl22 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from New York, NY

      Mr Carpal Tunnel - you just made my day and hopefully has the makings of one great Christmas!

    • Mr. Carpal Tunnel profile image

      Mr. Carpal Tunnel 

      9 years ago from PENNSYLVANIA



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