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Top Ten Unique and Original Baby Shower Gifts

Updated on April 8, 2013

Announcing and celebrating a baby’s arrival is one of the most exciting events for new parents, and for their family and friends as well. But trying to find a baby shower gift as unique as the brand new bundle of joy could prove to be frustrating.

So for those who think that a Playstation is the perfect baby shower gift (they’ll use it eventually) and that stilts are the perfect tool for a baby to master its balance, please keep reading. Maybe you will get inspired by a slightly more practical baby shower gift idea.

1. One-of-a-Kind Baby Blanket

There are a myriad of handmade baby blankets on Etsy. From geek blankets adorned with Star Wars characters to band-emblazoned blankets for music-loving parents, it’s easy to find a personalized blanket that will please both parents and baby. They are a practical keepsake that can be used for years to come as a couch throw or a picnic blanket. My personal favorites are crocheted baby blankets using the traditional granny's square patterns. It guarantees a one-of-a-kind, memorable gift.

Nursing Pillow by Cequal Products
Nursing Pillow by Cequal Products

2. BedLounge Nursing & Pregnancy Pillow

Most new moms have some sort of nursing pillow on their must-have list. Personally, I never found Boppy-type pillows to be comfortable during breastfeeding. I would constantly be slouching, and my back was not happy about the whole experience. I ended up using a pregnancy pillow called the BedLounge — it was of great use when I was on a bedrest during my pregnancy, and I loved it for nursing as well.

The arm rests offered great support when positioning my son, and I was able to recline and rest my back at the same time – a combination that made my nursing experience much more enjoyable. But what I really love now is even though pregnancy and breastfeeding are over, I still use my BedLounge every day. It’s great for lounging in bed and reading, too. This pregnancy pillow will definitely make a memorable gift for years to come!

3. Baby Bath Robe

I don’t know why baby robes are such an underestimated baby shower gift. It’s true that onesies and baby toys get favored much more as gifts. But just picture a tiny, chubby baby wearing a miniature hooded robe resembling an owl. Now you know what I am taking about! This gift will bring much enjoyment for Mom and Dad too. They’re practical and useful for awhile, or at least until the itsy-bitsy owl demands to be snuggled in Mickey Mouse, princess or Spiderman robes instead.

4. Newborn Photo Shoot

In the first days after bringing home the baby, new parents will be stressed (and tired). Taking pictures is most likely not going to be on their to-do list. The best that family and friends can hope for is an iPhone pic on day ten. That’s why a gift certificate for a newborn photo shoot is a great gift — not just for the parents but for everybody.

Usually, newborn pictures are taken in the first ten days, which is great for a few reasons: (1) the new mom and dad will be forced to get out of the house, which is always a good idea; (2) photo shoots are a lot of fun (it’s like playing dolls, but with a baby!); and (3) the results are adorable, everlasting pictures that can be shared with everybody. The new parents can expect a surge in Facebook “likes” after pictures are posted, which will be a nice treat after all the sleepless nights. And you’ll be receiving all the credit for it!

Baby Book Set
Baby Book Set

5. Baby Book Sets

Most people would never think of buying books as a baby shower gift, for the obvious reason – babies can’t read! However, most pediatricians and child psychologists recommend reading to your newborn baby from day one. Starting reading habits at a young age almost always guarantees an avid reader later in life, and the benefits are enormous – better cognitive, communication skills and school performance. Show the parents that you really put some thought into their gift by starting their baby’s library with a box set. Make mom and dad nostalgic with some timeless classics like Dr. Seuss or Little Golden Books. If you are clueless about age-appropriate books for babies or toddlers, there are plenty of suggestions on the Internet. The best place to start your search is Amazon. Here is a list of some great baby books gift sets:

6. Crochet Sock Monkey Rug

I find crochet rugs so adorable in general, but a crochet sock monkey rug positioned in front of a baby’s crib just makes me want to be a toddler again. Crochet rugs bring so much joy and fun into a room; I wonder why they’re not a must-have item on more baby shower gifts registries. Crochet rugs are not only decorative and cute, but once the baby starts to sit, they make the perfect play area. They are soft, warm and usually made of 100% natural materials like cotton or wool, which also (conveniently) makes them easy to wash. Here is a board on Pinterest where you can take a look at a variety of crochet rugs: And if you belong to the Crochet Guild of America (yes, that exists), you would already know that crochet rug patterns are available online. If you decide to make a crochet rug yourself, you will definitely steal all the “wows” and “awwwws” from the baby shower guests — plus, you’re guaranteed that no one else will have the same gift!

7. Knit Baby Hats

I think babies wearing hats are so precious and adorable. But a knit beanie that looks like a bear or a cupcake, that’s simply irresistible! Any baby wearing one looks like a Gerber baby. Most are handmade, which means that it could take 2-3 weeks for them to be shipped. So, if you want to bring a handmade knitted hat as a baby shower gift, plan accordingly and order them ahead of time. If you are not limited by budget, it’s not a bad idea to buy a few of them in different sizes. Babies grow pretty fast! One of the best places to start your search is, but Etsy has plenty of choices too.

8. Baby Canvas Letters

Spelling baby’s name above the crib is a stylish and original baby shower gift. It adds an artsy touch to any room, plus it’ll be noticed every time anyone enters. If you want to go one step further, you can find one-of-a-kind hand-painted canvas pieces that not only spells out the baby’s name, but makes a wonderful painting. Green Meadow Lane is a website that specializes in fun, artsy children’s décor. They have a great collection of monogrammed art that could also give you some ideas so you can make your own.

9. Wooden Keepsake Chest

If you want to give a memorable gift (literally), then keepsake boxes or chests are a great item to consider. They’re perfect for storing and protecting the baby’s most precious moments and treasured things. They are great for keeping baby's first pair of shoes, baby shower invitations, birth announcements, you name it! There are plenty of keepsake boxes on the market, but most are very small, which limits the amount of items you can fit inside them. That’s why I recommend you consider getting a big, wooden keepsake chest. There are finely hand-painted ones that can be personalized with the baby's initials for that special extra touch.

10. Custom-Made Breastfeeding Cover

Nursing can be quite challenging in public, and every place becomes more public with the adoring throngs of fans usually surrounding new moms and babies. That’s why nursing covers are essential for any mom-to-be. You can make her feel chic and special even during this time with a custom-made cover, specially designed for her. There are a few websites that let you choose your own fabric and design. If you don’t trust your own creative abilities, you can select from a premade cover collection. A couple of good places to begin your search are Etsy and Chic-Covers.

I sincerely hope that this list makes your baby shower gift shopping less of a hassle. Have fun and enjoy the newest addition to your family or circle of friends. Ah goo!


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