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Top 5 Best Easter Gifts 2014

Updated on March 9, 2014


So you need a fresh idea on what to get someone for Easter? Look no further, we have our top 5 favourite Easter gifts and underneath them an average price for the item. So let's jump right in!

1. Easter Eggs

Well this is just the standard gift but yet it has so much potential. There are so many varieties and different brand of chocolate. There are many different brands catering from cheap brands ($3 - $5) all the way up to the high end chocolatiers ($200 - $400). It suits a wide range of tastes and can be purchased in varieties that cater to people with milk allergies.

2. Box Of Chocolate

If you need something a bit more sophisticated for a loved person, a box of chocolates might be a step in the right direction. They are however might be a bit more pricey as box of chocolates pictured above cost around $60. They are a very good idea and can be found all year round in most every store around the country and found online at a variety of prices.

3. Champagne / Wine

The standard gift for most every event in the calendar. They are expensive just like chocolates but can be shared. It is perfect for a relative visit but can lack real substance if brought to a restaurant gathering. A Mo√ęt bottle of champagne costs $80 and is truly a spectacle to look at.

4. Easter Themed Hamper

This is something for everyone. It is a great gift for a full family or pairs of children as it has many aspects to it. Many easter themed hampers contain the first 3 items such as wine, easter eggs and chocolates. It really caters for everyone and they can be found in a great variety from many different manufacturers.

5. Bath Products

This is mainly for women but some cosmetics can be found for men. I could have added more things here that were food related but I would be getting too repetitive. It is a great idea and can include things such as bath bombs and shampoo. I feel like this idea is a good one if someone you know already has purchase an easter egg for them.

Overall, any of the outlined choices above are a very good idea and just go with your gut. Leave you opinion in the poll below!

What Gift Will You Be Purchasing This Easter

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