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Trick Or Treat Safer Next Halloween

Updated on May 27, 2015

Brighten up your costume with EL Wire


Brighten up your path

After seeing dozens and dozens of Halloween costumes this year, one thing was common among nearly every costume. No one had any lights in their costumes. Driving through a neighborhood consisting primarily of children is a dangerous thing when hardly anyone is visible. New technology has made it so easy to be seen at night, anyone can do it. Kids, adults, and teens alike can all make sure they (and more importantly, their costume) are seen at night. Electroluminescent wire is a new technology that uses a thin wire that is electrically charged to give off a gorgeous glow that is visible up to 1 mile. It is bendable, flexible, and can be cut to nearly any length imaginable.

Think that sounds dangerous? EL Wire is cool to the touch and operates at room temperature. Safe for children, but recommended by parents. Parents don't have to worry about their kids being burnt on the wire, as there is nothing to burn. Also, the voltage is also so low, that all you need to power a 8ft strand of wire is 2 AA Batteries.  Even if you were to touch the exposed wire, all you will feel is a small tingle. It will not shock or injure people, no matter the length of wire you are trying to power. Incorporating EL Wire into costumes is easy too. The wire comes in 10 different designer colors sure to please all. If you are new to the technology, try finding a ready-made kit, that does all the connections for you, just pop in a couple of batteries and watch it glow!

EL Wire is now available in many applications

EL Wire comes in many different applications today, ranging from loose wire, to wire incorporated in clothing. It even comes in headphones now, were you can go jogging at night, all while staying safe. Put them on sunglasses, or even wear it as a belt. Consider EL Wire in your next Halloween costume, as you are sure to be pleased with the outcome, as will other passerby's. Being visible is not only cool, it is a necessity in our busy lifestyles. Staying safe is our number one priority and making sure you are visible plays an important aspect in this.


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