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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Toddlers

Updated on December 16, 2013

Toddlers unique Christmas gift

A unique Christmas gift ideas for toddlers can sometimes be very hard to be determined due to its complexity, the toddlers are under their formative age so care must be taken when shopping for their Christmas gift, the fear of getting the right kind of gift and the rest must be avoided.


Toddlers are know to be attracted to things that are colorful and also sparkly, when it comes to shopping for their Christmas gift, one needs to watch out for those kind of gift that can easily gets them attracted to; after my research I have come to release that kids are attracted to these:


Educational toys: These toys help them to learn as a toddler, they are in the stage of learning so everything that comes handy should be used as a learning tool. There are different types of educational toys out like the alphabet toys, brick builders toys etc all these can be used to make a toddler learn while playing so I recommend it as a unique Christmas gift for your toddler.


Musical toys: Kids and toddlers loves to listen to anything that makes sound either as a music or a melody, so when you are buying your toddlers Christmas gift make sure you put a melodious toy in your list. There are so many toys that come handy with music or melody. All you need is to go through and search for the one that would catch your fancy.


Story Books: Toddlers love to hear story, so a wonderful story book in your shopping list won’t be a bad idea for a toddler as a unique Christmas gift. The story books helps the child builds up his or her own library right from the toddler age and it also imbibe the habit of reading into that toddler.


Toddlers shoes: Though toddlers don’t care much about the shoes you buy for them so long as they get a good toy to play with. But remember the toddler too needs to look good, so getting them a good pair of infant toddler shoes can help to make them look good even at Christmas season. There are different toddler’s shoes you can choose from to give that toddler a unique Christmas look.


Toddlers Clothes: Don’t forget that the toddler also needs clothes this Christmas, so look for a cute, nice and colorful toddlers clothes that would fit the toddler. Make the child realise that this is not just a regular clothes but a unique Christmas clothes that you bought specially for him/her just for the Christmas celebration.


Bicycle: There are bicycles for toddlers; the bicycle would aid them to enjoy themselves while learning how to ride a bicycle, though there would also be some security majors putting in place to check for the child’s safety. This Christmas gift ideas would be suitable for you if you have the money, though some of theses toddlers bicycle comes handy and relatively cheap.


More unique gift for toddler

Bar of chocolates: We cant deny the fact that kids and toddlers love sweet things and chocolates especially, but considering the health implications some parents may not want to let their kids have some bar of chocolate, but I tell you toddlers do love them so giving them a pack or bar chocolates as a Christmas gift would really be a treat to them that they wont forget in a hurry. Just a pack in a year wont really hurt.

Sunglasses: who says the toddlers cant wear sun glasses. If you are considering taking the kids out to the beach this Christmas holiday, then you would be considering getting he or she a pair of sun glasses to go with. The sunglasses would help protect their tender eyes from the harsh sun or even sands from the beach.

Charm lockets: We all know about the charm lockets and what it signifies, the toddlers are not to be left out of this. The charm locket would surely be a unique Christmas gift idea to a toddler either a boy or a girl toddler. The charm locket is known for bringing good lucks and avoiding some sort of evil, so we won’t want anything evil to happen to our toddler.

Picture frame: This can be used to display memorable pictures of the toddler, either at present or when he or she was an infant. It helps the toddler recognize who he is and how he or she looks like. It also brings lots of joy to their faces.

Alarm clock: Practice makes perfect, the toddlers also needs to be practicing some sort of thing or the other. When you buy them an alarm clock, it helps them to keep to time as at when you want them to be awake. Make them to understand that alarm clock is for them even while they are still toddlers.

Teddy bears: We know that kids love to cuddle teddy bears, so this Christmas can be a memorable one for them if they get a pair of teddy bear. The teddy bears comes in various sizes that no matter your budget, you would find something that would suit your pocket and financial budget. The teddy bears can also be used to decorate the toddler’s room and give it a unique look this Christmas.

Doll baby’s: The doll baby is mainly loved by toddler’s girls; they use the doll baby to learn how to cater to babies around them. Infant toddler’s girls are mainly attracted to doll baby, so if you are thinking of getting that toddler girl a unique Christmas gift, I bet this one would be one of the best Christmas gift she would love.

Toy cars: No one can dispute the fact that boys love anything on wheel, toddler boy, teen boys or even a grown up boy. But in the case of a toddler boy the toy car would be very much welcome as this keeps them busy all through the holiday season.

Toy cooking ware set: Well I would recommend this if you are giving it to a toddler of about 4years old and most especially the girls. Kids love to mimic their parents in whatever they do and cooking is not an exemption.

Play with them: Here is one of the part I love so much, the kids need you too, its not all about the gift, but make out time to spend with the kids especially during the Christmas period, give them enough attention that they would not forget in a hurry. Don’t always assume they are ok with the gift you shower them with.

Take them out: Due to the economic situation around the world every one needs to work extra hour in order to make ends meet, but you can take out time this Christmas and take the kids to either a cinema, beach or even to a restaurant, spoil them a bit and make them feel that they are part of you this Christmas.

Love, love, love: Without love all these gift are useless, they toddlers also needs love, show them that you love and care for them in which ever way you can. It can be in as little things as finding a time to tell a story or just cuddling them through the day to make them feel loved.

I won’t end this hub without saying that the toddlers a jealous in nature, give them enough attention in order to wade away their jealousy. Lots of kisses would do just the trick and poking them at interval would also be regarded as one of their unique Christmas gift ideas.


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