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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For The poor

Updated on November 26, 2013

A unique Christmas gift idea for the poor is something that most people neglect or overlook, but we forget to know that the poor would always be among us no matter what the government tries to do about it, we can not run from the fact that we need to reach out to these people in our mids

Christmas Gift Ideas

You can make a selection of the gift you would like to give out to the poor from this list that I have just compiled depending on your country of resident.

Cash money: Someone is considered a poor person because he or she can not afford some necessary things of this life, so when you give out cash money to the poor this Christmas you have actually touch the life of someone in a special way. It not necessary need to be a huge amount of money or a small amount be enough to put a smile on the face of the person it been given to. Why I choose the word CASH MONEY is that the poor would not want to be bothered with Cheque especially if the Cheque would be coming in late on say Christmas Eve.

The cash money can help the individual to take care of his pressing need at the moment it can even help to provide a better health bill if the person has someone who needs urgent medical attention. The list is unending on what money can do for the less privileged in our society.

Food items: For the fact that you have to eat at all times does not mean that every one in your society can afford a three square meal. The poor among you may not even food for breakfast on Christmas morning, the food you send to this person or family would be so welcomed that you would be overwhelmed on how they would appreciate this kind gesture from someone. To the poor you would be a God sent to remove their reproach on a special day like Christmas. So if you want to reach out to the poor around you why not start think on the proper kind of food you would send across to them as your own Christmas gift

Clothes: This person may not have changed clothes for years, months and sometimes when they do it may be used clothes from someone from the church or something. So why not reach out to the poor, put a smile on their face with your unique Christmas gift, buy him or her pair of clothes and if it’s a family you can get a cheaper clothes for every one in the family. Since Christmas is all about sharing, make it worthwhile to these poor people around us, the clothes you buy for them could be their only hope of changing their clothes for years.

Shoes: The poor also needs shoes, they can be left to be walking the street bare-footed even during the Christmas period. You don’t have to go shopping for a designer shoes or an expensive shoes, you can buy some nice and beautiful shoes and share it among the poor.

More Christmas Gift Ideas

Visitation: Now this is the most interesting part, some of these poor people have no one visiting them especially on Christmas day; you can make a change in their live by visiting them with your family just to make them feel that they are part of this world. The gift you sent to them may not be enough to bring a positive smile on their faces. Remember this is a period of showing love to all including the poor. This kind of visitation should not take up all your time, but you will give it a quality time in order for it to be worthwhile

Encouragement: Give them encouragement as you pay them a visit, make them to know that God loves them and that is why he has send them his only begotten son Jesus Christ whom we are celebrating during the Christmas season. Let them know that all hope is not lost, that God is still perfecting his work in their lives even as we celebrate his coming into this world. That Christ has died poor so that we may rich in him.

Take them to site seeing: These poor ones may not have the money to take their family to see some beautiful places around the town or even some of the nice restaurant, make them feel alive again by sponsoring their trip to any place of their choice around the town. You can even go as far as going to a new destination just to make the outing memorable one.

Give them hope: Some of them may have lost hope, either to life or things around them, give them hope to live again by offering to sponsor one of the kids in school if it’s a couple with kids or even offering to get a good job for him or her, just anything that can put food daily on their table. And make sure you pay up all the workers in your organization in order to make them feel wanted.

Pay Their Rent: They may be at the verge of losing their house to the owner if the rent is not paid thereby making them homeless. You can pay all or part of the rent just to put a roof over their head. Christmas is not a season when someone should be homeless, so I believe that putting a shelter over their head would really be a unique Christmas gift ideas.

Say Some Nice Word: If you can not do all the above you can at least say some nice words to the poor around you, this is in sharing the love of the season in question which is to put smile in peoples face.

Say words like; Merry Christmas, You look Good, all hope is not lost etc. but just make sure you smile while saying those words.

To all the poor around the world i say merry christmas and prosperous new year in Advance. wishing you all the best life can offer.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Really,Any Of These Things Would Help So Much. Especially Spending Time.Being Poor Is So Lonely.Sorry For Caps...

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Im determined to have Christmas for my family this year. We don't have electric or food but we are close. All of these gifts would mean more to me or someone in my situation than any gift ever. It also brings my faith in humanity back after often feeling hurt by society. To whoever put this together. Thanks you are very accurate.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      please i really a christmas gifts

    • profile image

      Amanda Griffith 

      6 years ago

      The thing is, Christmas is the time of celebrating Christ' birth and remembering all He's done for us. As said in His word "it is more blessed to give than to receive" we at times need to 'forget ourselves' a bit and think of others, not just family and friends, but others who might not be as priviledged as us. So as we all give this year let's remember Christ' selfless act of dying for us and reflect such love to all. Happy Holidays and a prosperous new year to all.

    • ElianeLaura profile image


      6 years ago from Quebec city, Quebec

      I volunteer all year, but even more at this time of the year... I would give money if I had some, but all I have is time, and it's also a good way to help people. There's a lot of places that needs help for volontering only a few hours a year. :) Great Hub!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Well-done for this well researched hub. Most people tends to forget about the poor while they go ahead and celebrate with their families. Some of these poor people may not even have a shelter over their heads; yet we are celebrating the coming of comeone who symbolises love. My best christmas gift to the poor would be to put a shelter over their heads.


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