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Updated on October 12, 2010

Unique Christmas gift for the disable is something that every normal person should be thinking of during the season of Christmas. What is Christmas if we can not reach out to the disabled among us? These set of people do not choose to be disabled but nature has kept them in that form, and that is the more reason why we should think about them especially in this season of celebration.



Christmas should be a time when we reflect and thank God for making us whom we are. But in doing so we must consider those who don’t have the privilege of enjoying those things which we have access to enjoy, the less privilege and the disabled ones among us, the crippled, the blind, the deaf, the dumb, and the paralyzed ones. Here are some suggested gifts you can give out to the disabled

Pair of reading device: There are lots of reading devices out there in the market for the deaf ones, this helps them to understand and interact with people around. It also gives them a sense of belonging knowing that someone out there cares for them.

Books: nothing can be more entertaining to some one who has been confined to wheelchair all through his life like reading good books especially books that motivate their spirit.

Wheel chair: The wheel chair is just to help aid their mobility in the case of some crippled ones who may not have access to a wheel chair. Christmas is all about giving and giving the right kind of gift that would be meaningful in the life of the person.

Walking sticks: Including the walking sticks in the list of your Christmas gift to the disabled is something that you also need to look into, there are millions of paralyzed people who solely depends on relative to move around, but with the aid of a walking stick they can easily go to the rest room without someone having to lift them up.

Pair of treated eye glasses: Some people are just partially blind and all they need is just a pair of a treated eye glasses to help them have free movement without any support. These eye glasses can be any form as long as it meets the need of that man or woman out there.

Kindle reading device: The kindle reading device is another gift item that would of a high value to some one who is blind or partially blind and can not read alphabets on his own. The kindle devices come so handy that a blind person can easily use and operate them without any assistance.

Hand made greeting cards: Create your own cards and if possible personalize the persons name into the hand crafted card in order to make the person feel loved, and cared for. There are so many ways you can get your hand crafted greeting cards even if you don’t have the time to do it all by your self. Its easy to make a hand craft greeting cards, but you can easily source for it either online or on the market place, get someone to do the cards for you and imprint the name of the recipients.


More On Christmas Gift

Magnifying cosmetic mirror: You can get a magnifying cosmetic mirror as a Christmas gift for the disabled in order to facilitate them when making-up or if they want to get a better view of themselves.


Large print address book: This one would be a unique Christmas gift the partially blind disabled person, they need a bolder print address book to keep up with records .


Crazy pet bumble ball: This is a kind of play toy that the disable can use when playing. The bumble ball has nodes that help the blind ones to easily get hold of it.


Talking watch: I would recommend the talking watch especially if the disabled one is confined to a particular place or the blind ones, they would easily keep up with time as the talking watch tells them exactly what time it is.


Electronic sensor owl: This is a kind of gift that is sensitive to human body, so it would tell them when someone is at the door or around the house.


Crucifix with multicolor lights: I love this gift because it reminds the disabled of the person whom we are celebrating his birth and how because of the love he has for the world including the disabled he came and died on the cross of Calvary.


Toilet safe Support sturdy Steel Construction: This is a kind of device fixed in the toilet to help give the disabled one support while using the toilet. So giving it to a disabled person as a Christmas gift would mean a lot to that person.


Last word

Never compromise on anything you give to the less privilege in the society either in the form of money, clothes, shoes or any kind of gift item as this may be their only source of hope.


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