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Buy Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Top Ten signs you have the Best Ugly Christmas Sweater

Updated on January 3, 2012

Ugly Holiday Sweater

As Christmas approaches the pickings are slim for a great Ugly Christmas Sweater.

The vernacular may be "ugly christmas sweater" but I get invites to this type of themed party throughout the year. Wearing an Ugly Christmas Sweater is not reserved for holiday parties. Im thinking its a bit more powerful of a message to wear the sweater during a ridiculous and random day.

Man in Gas Station #1: "Hey, Did you see that guy in the ridiculous Rudolph sweater, that damn thing was actually jingling"

Man #2: "yeah!, it was awesome, must be sweating his face off, its near 90, out there"

..well, maybe "awesome" is a bit of an exaggeration - nonetheless, I have a bunch of resources for speedy delivery of some truly awful and awe inspiring ugly christmas sweaters

Where to find Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It used to be that the consignment shops such as Salvation Army, AmVets and similar ilk were prime pickings for loud, ugly holiday sweaters from the 80's. This selection tends to dwindle around the holiday season. The Ugly Christmas sweater tradition is in full bloom. You can now often find ugly christmas sweaters marketed new in retail and used and vintage offerings at a premium price at Boutique shops.

In order to open up your choices, you can shop for them at eBay or Amazon, both which offer many prime options, often not intentionally but they are certainly suited for an ugly christmas sweater party.

You know them when you see them.

Best Options for Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Its near impossible to receive an ugly christmas sweater in time for Christmas If you buy online at the time this article was published. If you are to need it near christmas you are likley to find a seller on eBay that will promise same day rush shipping. This is not something likely found on Amazon. But, the estimated ship time and one day shipping together can lead to some very fast shipping times if you are willing to pay for it on Amazon.

Both options should be solid for finding great sweaters.

Here is a couple of classic examples for you: (just click the picture for more detailed information)

Can I wear an Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt?

Yes, Ugly sweatshirts are interchangeable with ugly sweaters.

What makes a great Ugly Christmas Party Sweater

A great Ugly Christmas Party Sweater is always loud. The louder and more audacious the better.

We are talking, bright and bold colors, terrible color coordination, fuzzy balls, big appliques, bells, lights! , or all of the above combined.

Its best to go all out with a Christmas Sweater.

Top Ten Signs You have an Ugly Christmas Sweater

1. It lights up.

If you have a christmas sweater that lights up - you have the contest clinched

2. It makes sounds or plays music.

an Ugly Christmas Sweater with Bells or even better a Sweater that plays pre-recorded electronic jingles is particularly awful.

3. Puffy crap that sticks out

If you can grab a sweater with a puffy applique of some sort, you have done a solid job. You are sure to shine (well, the girl with the lights on her sweater will shine brighter..thats why you are only number 3)

4. Your holiday sweater is actually a christmas sweater vest

If you buy your sweater in the vest section or find something called a Christmas cardigan then you have hit the jackpot.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Pictures


Ugly Christmas Sweater party
Ugly Christmas Sweater party | Source
Ugly Sweater Christmas Contest
Ugly Sweater Christmas Contest | Source

Signs six through ten are boring. Just go back and buy one of the highlighted sweaters. Bah Humbug!


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    • Eranofu profile image


      6 years ago from Europe


      But that 'puffy crap that sticks out of the sweater' just got me. xD

    • celebritie profile image


      7 years ago

      Ha Ha too funny, most ugly sweaters are given as gifts but it is cool how we can deliberately buy one on purpose. Maybe I will get one for fun.

    • profile image

      L a d y f a c e 

      7 years ago

      Awesome hub! Up and funny. The first time I saw the ugly sweater party thing I thought it was more of a fly-by-night trend. Now it's all over the place! We even had an ugly sweater party. No Christmas allowed. Man there are some UGLY sweaters out there!! lol

    • BkCreative profile image


      7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Well, now more than ever - I want an ugly Christmas sweater. What a great party idea. This is on my list for next year. It not too soon to plan for Christmas next year because...well because it seems Christmas is always around the corner. Whew!

      Fun hub - rated way up! Yay - and much joy to your world!

    • ocbill profile image


      7 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      They are at times ugly but serve their purpose for those few appropriate days or parties.


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