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Ugly Christmas Sweaters: 5 Ways to Get Rid of Them Without Feeling Guilty About It

Updated on October 27, 2010

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweaters: 5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Them

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a staple, what some would term “last minute desperation gift.” If you’ve ever gotten one of these hideous monsters and wanted to get rid of them without feeling guilty about it, following are five ways to do so.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Make Great Donations

There are tons of charities that collect clothing, especially around this time of year. The Salvation Army is one. Why not make it part of your New Years tradition to donate any holiday gifts you receive that you don’t want --- like ugly Christmas sweaters – at the beginning of the year.

This serves two purposes. It gets them into the hands of those who can use them quickly, and it’s still seasonal enough that they can be worn by the new recipients without being too out of fashion.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Make Great Sentimental Pieces of Cloth

Do you sew? Are you handy at arts and crafts? Ugly Christmas sweaters tend to have interesting patterns, shapes and colors. You can recycle them buy cutting them up and using them in a sentimental holiday blanket, stocking or Christmas tree skirt.

This way, it will always be treasured by you, and make the recipient feel good about the gift as well. If you go this route though, you may want to wait a year. That way, you can tell the gift giver that you loved the sweater so much and even though you’d “outgrown it or it had gone out of fashion,” you just couldn’t bear to part with it. Hey, it’s Christmas – white lies are allowed to keep family peace!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Make Ideal Pooch Clothing

Do you have a dog? Like to dress it up? Ugly Christmas sweaters make great dog sweaters. This way, your pooch can frolic in the cold – and be dressed for the season while doing it. Hey, better your pooch than you sporting an ugly Christmas sweater?

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Ideal for Regifting

Stuck on what to get someone that you really don’t know that well, or for that matter don’t really like, but it’s one of those situations where you have to give something? An ugly Christmas sweater fits the bill. It’s seasonal and it’s personal without being too intimate.

This may be the reason ugly Christmas sweaters were invented, don’cha think? Hmmmmm.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Make Great Gag Gifts

Have you ever gotten an ugly Christmas sweater so hideous that you just knew it had to be a joke? Only, to your horror, it wasn’t? Hey, it’s happened to the best of us. So instead of giving one as a genuine gift as suggested just above, why not give it as the gag gift it was surely created to be?

Ugly Christmas Sweaters: A Party Theme?

Three enterprising entrepreneurs have taken the idea of ugly Christmas sweaters to new heights and started a website, Their business idea is simple – to sell ugly Christmas sweaters and to promote the ugly Christmas sweater parties,

Brian Miller, who bought the domain name, says he “ . . . bought the domain three years ago when he started receiving invites to ugly Christmas sweater parties. He ran it as a blog with info on parties he attended and tips on hosting ugly parties.” [Source: Sun-Times Media, LLC, Three corner the market on ugly Christmas attire]

If ugly Christmas sweaters are a routine gift for you every holiday season, now you have five ways to get rid of them – without shame, without remorse and perhaps most importantly of all . . . without guilt!

Happy holidays.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm looking forward to this year's Ugly Christmas Sweater parties. I usually attend 2 or 3 ugly sweater parties each year. They are a big deal in Wisconsin and most of the Midwest I assume. Anyway, if you have not yet attended an ugly Christmas sweater party I highly recommend it. The uglier the sweater the better!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      2010 is "The Year of the Lights!" at My Ugly Christmas Sweater . If you are looking to WIN this year...this is the place to go! Awesome holiday DRESSES, Jackets, and TONS of Ugly Christmas Sweaters. We even have a full line of Hanukkah Sweaters! Have some fun - wear something ridiculous!


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