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Uncommon Christmas Gifts

Updated on September 22, 2017

Have you ever had to buy a gift for someone that already had everything? Sometimes it is hard buying for that type of person. Maybe they have enough money to buy anything they want and you feel like no matter what you get them, it will be inadequate. I know the feeling. I always felt this way with my Grandparents because they had enough money to get whatever they wanted whenever they wanted it. It is true that the thought behind the gift is what counts, but all of us want to get our loved ones or friends something they enjoy.

Fortunately for us, there are very bright minds, coming up with great ideas each year. I have done a lot of research and came up with several gifts that would be great, unique gifts for anyone. You can use these as stocking stuffers or just as a regular gift. Anyone will be sure to love these gifts and most people will have probably never heard of them.


As silly or simple as it may sound, pens are a great gift for anyone. It may not seem like getting someone a simple pen could be thoughtful, but you may not be thinking out of the box. I'm not talking about just getting someone an ink pen. I am talking about the out of the ordinary writing utensil. Take a look at some of these pens and see if you don't feel the same way

  • Scroll Pen - How many times have you been in a situation that you have either a pen and no paper or vice versa. The scroll pen does away with either of these problems. With this pen you have a small scroll of paper that rolls right out of the pen.
  • Wallet Pen - Another common scenario is needing a pen, but not having one on your person. I have people asking me to write something down or wanting to borrow a pen all the time. With the wallet pen, you will always have one near by.
  • Multifunction Pen - One of my favorite pens, is the mulifunction pen. With these pens you can have up to 13 different functions in one. Most of these pens feature highlighters, blue ink, red ink, black ink, pencil leds, laser pointers, caligraphy points and many other features.
  • Everlasting Pen - All of us have so many pens that get too cold and their ink dries up. The pen may be 2 days old, but the ink has dried up, rendering it useless. The Space Pen does away with all of these problems. With it, you can write upside down or sideways, and they don't dry out in cold or warm weather.

Personal Pleasures

All of us probably see someone get an easy chair massaging cushion each year. Some of those are great, but there are other massaging gifts that a lot of people don't know of. I have used each one of these and can honestly say I would take these over that massaging seat any day.

  • Head Trip - The head trip is a simple wire device. It is crazy how simple it  is. You can not imagine how good this feels going down over your cranium. It's more of a tickling, scratch feeling than it is a massage, but never the less, it does relax you. These can be bought in plain old fashion form or there is also a motorized, vibrating one. Note: I have not tried the vibrating one. I can't wait.
  • Body Trip - The body trip is essentially the same thing as the head trip, but intend for the whole body. While it is better if you have someone that will run the head or body trip over you, you can do it yourself. It's just that I fall asleep most of the time when I'm doing it.
  • Air Leg Massager - The Air-O-Sager is easily the best massaging gift you can buy. Most people have to stand on their feet all day at work, which causes muscles to tense and tighten. After a long day at work, there is nothing like coming home and using the leg massager.

Spy Hard

Growing up a fan of James Bond, I have always been fascinated with spy cameras. Although I have never spied on anyone, these items are just too awesome to not mention. It never ceases to amaze me what new inventions come out next.

  • Video Pen - The video pen is really cool. It looks just like any ordinary pen, but you can have it in your pocket, while filming or snapping pictures. These are great if you are trying to prove your case to someone else.
  • Spy Sun Shades - I can't think of what I would use these for. They are just amusing. I guess if you wanted to have memories of your beach vacation without looking like a nerd they may be ideal.
  • Video Clock - This is quite possibly my favorite. It is ideal for those who hire babysitters and want to know what really is going on after you leave. There are lots of things you can do with this, but try to keep it clean.

Bathroom Basics

The bathroom is a place that we use every day. Everyone has to take showers or baths so you can rest assured if you get someone a bathroom gift, it will be used. Sometimes they may not show appreciation for it upon first receiving it, but as time goes by they will really enjoy it.

  • Shower Clock Radio - Singing in the shower will never be the same again. Having a shower radio is great for those who just can not sing. It may help you out more than it will the recipient if you have that special someone that loves singing out of key while in the shower. You can get these with simple AM/FM radios, CD Players, mirrors and MP3 docking stations.
  • Bathtub Floating Radios - Tub radios are more for the younger tykes. Most of them come in cartoon or toy form, but they are still neat little contraptions. The fun thing about them is that you can use them in the tub or pool or pond or anywhere with water. I don't think I would recommend the Ocean though.
  • Shower Mic - And since we all know you are going to be singing to these radio tunes, you might as well be goofy and get a shower sponge mic.


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