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Unique Easter Dinner Ideas For Every Part of the Meal

Updated on October 30, 2014

Why Not Make A Traditional Easter Dinner?

A traditional Easter dinner such as ham, turkey or roast is, quite frankly, boring. Add the traditional sides like biscuits or rolls and mashed white potatoes or deviled eggs and the whole family will be wondering if the person who cooked had no imagination at all. Most people are quite bored with the idea of a normal Easter dinner, as most people have had the traditional fare since they were young children, every year, without fail. Therefore, it is time to change things with unique Easter dinner ideas so that the whole family will be looking forward to dinner on Easter night again.

Photo taken by: bluewaikiki
Photo taken by: bluewaikiki | Source

Dessert Ideas

Ice cream cake is quite unexpected when served as dessert for Easter dinner. However, a fancy serving bowl containing home-made begets dusted in powdered sugar is very simple to make, though most people do not realize how easy they are to prepare. New York cheesecake or warm crepes stuffed with cream cheese and cherries always impress people. If a light dessert is preferred, simply toast a pan of pecans, almonds, or walnuts and toss them with melted butter, cinnamon and sugar, with a bowl of blueberries and strawberries. Fruit tarts are also a dessert that is very impressive in appearance and perfect for Spring. Pistachio pudding is very easily made with packaged vanilla pudding, chopped pistachios and coconut, but is rather light and unexpected at the same time. If true elegance is desired, consider making a berry parfait of layered vanilla pound cake, whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, topped with more whipped cream and chocolate sauce, finished with slivered almonds.

Meat Ideas

Skip the typical turkey, roast and ham! Poultry and pork are perfect for an Easter dinner, however. Duck that has been baked in an oven and glazed with an orange sauce or honey is one delicious alternative to the standard fare, as are Cornish game hens, baked goose, quail, or pheasant. Even chicken can be dressed up; one idea to make unique chicken is to slice chicken breasts in half, stuff them with cornbread dressing, wrap them in strips of bacon and bake them. Pork chops, jerk pork, or even barbecue pork sandwiches are a wonderful alternative to ham. If beef is desired, then beef Wellington, brisket, steak Diane, or chipped beef over toast are excellent choices for those that desire something different. A truly adventurous and ambitious cook could also prepare a leg of lamb with mint jelly, or even braised or roasted rabbit.

Photo taken by: Nikki L
Photo taken by: Nikki L | Source

Easter Side Ideas

While everyone likes deviled eggs, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, there are many sides that can be made for a truly unique Easter dinner. Mashed sweet potatoes easily replace white potatoes. Instead of normal dinner rolls or biscuits with butter, consider serving garlic or cheese biscuits with herb butter, or sweet Hawaiian buns with honey butter. Stuffed mushroom caps are very easy to make and seem quite extravagant. Potato cakes are an interesting and rarely-made side that is undeniably great, especially with garlic or onion butter on top of them. Home-made baked beans are another frequently overlooked side, yet many people love them. Home-made macaroni and cheese can be dressed up with the addition of a fried onion topping, or one can get truly adventurous and make lobster macaroni and cheese.

Vegetable Ideas

Rather than the standard green bean casserole, consider making fried carrot coins that have been glazed in an orange ginger butter. Sweet English peas in a simple cream sauce seem elegant, while being incredibly simple to make. Waldorf salad is always extremely impressive, even though it is not difficult to make at all. Asparagus spears can be a delicious and elegant vegetable when they are prepared in bacon or sausage drippings and cheese. Even broccoli, cauliflower, or brussel sprouts can amaze peoples' taste buds when they are served in a rich cheese sauce.

Photo taken by: goblinbox
Photo taken by: goblinbox | Source


To get everyone excited about Easter dinner, there is absolutely no harm in preparing appetizers. Small pieces of fudge, especially cherry, walnut, pecan, or butterscotch fudge are always appreciated by people of all ages. Instead of deviled eggs, offer garlic toast triangles with cream cheese and parsley. Coconut shrimp are great to serve with a sweet orange-honey-soy sauce for dipping. Garden vegetable flavored crackers topped with chicken salad can be made within minutes, yet many people enjoy them immensely. Cheese plates are very impressive, if there are at least four types of cheese on the platter, with an assortment of nuts, fruits, crackers and bread.


Skip the every-day white or red wine. If an alcoholic drink is desired, consider making sangria, which is a red wine-based fruit punch. Pink champagne is a pretty pastel color and far preferable to the normal champagne for an Easter dinner. Irish coffee, mudslides and white Russians are a nice alternative to Kahlua and cream. Cafe au lait, espresso, or flavored brewed coffee can be served alongside or instead of the alcoholic coffee drinks. For children and people who do not like alcohol, offer home-made fruit punch with a citrus soda base, along with ice water served with lemon wedges and cherries or pineapple slices. Flavored hot chocolate is always enjoyed by young children. Instead of unflavored or chocolate milk, consider malted, strawberry, or other fruit flavors for milk. Sweet, light berry and tropical flavors are preferable to apple or other Fall fruit flavors when it comes to an Easter beverage.


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