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Unique Mothers Day Gifts Mom Will Love

Updated on April 24, 2009

Mother's Day is the one day a year mom gets real acknowledgement for all her hard work in the form of a gift to say thanks for everything she does. Every year as daughter's and son's we try and come up with something that will catch her eye and make her smile.

This year, instead of buying a pair of diamond earrings and having the kids make cards and pick flowers in the yard. Do something different. Pick a unique mothers day gift and start a trend that will have her looking forward to HER day each and every year just to see what your going to do next.

Unique Mothers Day Gift Ideas
Unique Mothers Day Gift Ideas

How Much Do You Spend On Unique Mothers Day Gifts?

Unique mothers day gifts don't have to cost a lot. But how much a lot is to you may be different for others. last year for Mothers Day my sister, brother and I, all adults in our twenties, chipped in $100 to buy our mom a unique mothers day gift. We had a beautiful Mothers ring made with all of our birthstones. It was the same mothers day ring style that she and her brother and sister had bought for their mom many many years ago. She loved It. Not everyone has that kind of budget for unique mothers day gifts. There is no hard fast rule that says how much a person has to spend on a unique mothers day gift. But, the easiest way to spend less but get her something really cool is to go in on the costs with your siblings.

Mother's Rings Make Great Gifts!
Mother's Rings Make Great Gifts!

Unique Mothers Day Ideas

The Mothers Ring: The mothers ring is a gold or white gold plated ring that has the birthstones of her children. It usually takes more then a week to put together so give your fine jewelry store time to make this unique mothers day gift for your mom.Most fine jewelers offer mothers rings. Find your perfect style with your siblings first online then call or go to the store to have it made. Seeing it in the store may also cause you to change you mind on the style. When my sister and I saw the different styles in the store, we changed from what we had agreed to from the web page to something we felt was even more special.

The Engraved Pendant: For the mother of any age and Engraved Pendant is a beautiful unique mothers day gift. Especially in the shape of a heart with the picture of her child as a baby already inserted inside.These can be purchased at fine jewelry stores as well.

The Digital Photo Frame: The digital photo frame is just an everyday gift, but have 100 or so pictures pre loaded onto a SD card so that all mom has to do is plug it in and she can see her kids, or even her grandkids all year long and it's a beautiful unique mothers day gift she will enjoy every day of the year. Plus, you can make it even better by giving her an updated SD memory card each mothers day there after

The GPS Navigator: Similar to the digital photo frame, if you just hand over a GPS to a mother who always gets lost, she will love it, but to make it unique, open the box and have the directions to everyone in her phonebook preloaded as favorites in the GPS.

I was given the Garmin Nuvi 270 by my brother for christmas and I can tell you this is so easy to use and the audio directions are a huge help.

The MP3 Player: For the mom who loves music but hasn't upgraded from a tape player that eats every other tape. A MP3 player preloaded with all of her favorite songs you remember her singing in the car growing up is a fantastic unique mothers day gift. She'll think its so great that you care enough to remember all her favorite songs and she'll love that she can now listen to music while gardening or grocery shopping.

If mom has upgrade to CD's, you can borrow her CD collection, upload it to an Itunes account and then upload to a MP3 player. She'll have all her favorites on one small device. No more changing CD's in her CD player.

Word Stones: Word stones are a great way to express how you feel about mom and give her something beautiful to place in her garden or along the walkway up the house. The kit comes with everything you need to make word stones. Comes 1.5 inch press-in letters, 3 lbs. of concrete , five 3.75 in stone forms, buff colored tint, a trowel, and detailed instructions. Buy some concrete mix from the hardware store to make more, or buy a few kits. Pick and choose the words that describe her best such as: Mother, Patient, Kind, Love, Generous, etc.

Zen Alarm Clock

A zen alarm clock uses Tibetan chimes to slowly wake a person up in a more natural peaceful way then the intrusive buzzing of a electrical alarm clock. Zen alarm clocks are generally made out of wood and use a battery instead of a plug into to avoid the electromagnetic field that electrical wires can create. A Zen alarm clock can be used to wake up from sleep more peacefully, to better remember dreams, for yoga, meditation, or relaxation techniques, and has many other uses.


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