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Unique Wedding Places and Ideas

Updated on September 25, 2009

Weddings are special events that are meant to be cherished forever. There are a lot of wedding concepts out there. There are traditional types of weddings (read: get married in church, wear white wedding dress, go to a hotel / restaurant for the reception) and there are the not-so-traditional types of weddings.

This hub features some of the unique wedding places and ideas I have culled out from recent researches. Some of these are pretty special, some downright weird while others are just simply one-of-a kind. Too bad I am already married, I might have gotten some ideas from this hub. But then if you're about to get married or are still thinking about getting married, maybe you can get an idea or two from this hub. So enjoy reading!

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Zero Gravity Wedding

Want to literally float during your wedding? Then rent out an aircraft that specializes in providing couples with a weightless feeling during the wedding. It's like getting married in space, no gravity to speak of.

Scuba Wedding

This type of wedding will surely give a new meaning to the phrase "take a plunge". It requires not only a very thorough wedding rehearsal but getting basic training on scuba diving (unless the couple and the priest already have scuba diving experiences), setting up a microphone through the mask and the hooking up the audio and/or visual equipment for the guests (who may not be under the water during the actual wedding). A very good wedding for those who love to scuba dive and those who love the ocean and everything within it.

Hello Kitty Wedding

This one is really cute (for those who love this lovable kitty that is). If you really and truly love Hello Kitty, then you can have a wedding theme around Hello Kitty. The reception area is decorated in Hello Kitty stuff, two persons dressed up as Hello Kitty(ies?) can be part of your entourage. And don't forget the Hello Kitty wedding cake!

Gothic Weddings

A "spooky" wedding to remember. You can indulge your dark (?) wedding fantasies on this one. Classic goth weddings, handfasting ceremonies, or even renewal of vows - name it, you can find one who will provide you with it. Sorry, no pictures here (don't like gory stuff) but you can check out the site I included below.

Hot Air Balloon Wedding

I'm not sure if this is exactly unique, but it certainly is for me. Get married at 2,000 feet (or more) above sea level on a hot air balloon that will not only give a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the couple but will also give the riders a wonderful view of the landscape!

Nude Weddings

Want to save during your wedding? Then wear your birthday suit! And it's not just for the bride and the groom. The guests can also go nude. Not sure if this will ever "click" here but in other parts of the world, it is obviously a hit concept.

Sing Your Wedding Song

This is a very romantic way to say (or sing) your wedding song. Instead of reciting them, why not choose a romantic song and sing it when you exchange your wedding vows. Very romantic.

Dirty Dancing Wedding Dance

Instead of the usual, traditional wedding dance, go for a more upbeat tune (like Dirty Dancing or a Michael Jackson song?) for your wedding dance. Very delightful and exciting.


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    • emievil profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for the comment dohn. I also had a civil wedding and just threw a party for close family members. We managed to save a lot through that simple wedding.

      I had fun writing this. Hope I can write more of this in the future.

    • dohn121 profile image


      9 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      In this screwed up economy, I wouldn't be surprised if more people went that route. Some friends I know skip their wedding completely and just got married at city hall and threw a big party inviting friends and family over to their house! Hey, times are rough.

      I really enjoyed reading this, emievil! It looks like you had fun writing this.


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