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Why Preparing For Christmas In Summer Makes Sense

Updated on April 30, 2013

It may seem just plain barmy to prepare for Christmas in the middle of summer but the long-term benefits are well worth considering. The majority of people only start planning their annual festivities in the latter months of the year, normally November or even December.

This can cause huge amounts of pressure and strain on the individuals who are wishing to create the perfect day for their friends and family. There is usually a great deal of work that goes into preparing for Christmas Day; presents need to be bought and wrapped, decorations need to be put up, Christmas dinner needs to be planned – not to mention leaving treats for Santa and Rudolph on Christmas Eve!

Plan ahead and start early
The earlier you start planning for Christmas the better. It is a much more effective way of doing things if you spread your workload out across the year rather than squeezing it all in to one month.

Make a plan, or list, on what exactly you need and what has to be done before December 25. Who do you need to buy presents for? What decorations do you need? What food and drink do you require? Do you want Christmas Crackers? Are you going to delegate the responsibilities?

For children (as well as many adults!) the best part of Christmas is opening presents. You can keep on top of your shopping list by making a list of who you need to buy for and what sort of present you are thinking of buying them. If you’re unsure what particular individuals would like there is no harm in asking them!

This is a much more productive way of buying presents rather than going blindly into packed shopping malls on Christmas Eve and having no idea what you need to buy.

Delegate roles
To help with the Christmas dinner, it is always a good idea to delegate roles to other members of the family so that one individual isn’t left with all the workload. For instance, assign family members to cut the carrots, prepare the cutlery or lay out the Christmas Crackers. It is likely they will be more than willing to get involved and in turn ease the pressure from you.

Create time for yourself
If you spread out your duties across the year in preparation for Christmas you will find that you will have a lot more time to yourself when it comes to the actual festivities, making the holiday a stress-free experience.

After all, it is the season to be jolly!


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    • Jeani Nugent profile image

      Jeani Nugent 5 years ago from Cumberland, Wisconsin

      I have loved the gift certificates...not only do you get to celebrate throughout the year, you also get to spread the spending portion out a bit too :)

    • Jeani Nugent profile image

      Jeani Nugent 5 years ago from Cumberland, Wisconsin

      Ah yes, the ever correct advice of "don't procrastinate" I so wish I took this advice, but alas I am usually the Dec 24, or worse 25th type person for getting everything finished. I do like Black Friday sales so that helps some for gifts. This year my immediate family didn't do gifts, instead made gift certificates of an activity we would like to do during the year. It was a blast and we for to spread our Christmas gifts out :)

      Love your writing style, very easy to read!